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Shane is health blogger. He is a Science Graduate and he mostly spends his time over this blog. He is very much conscious about health and health benefits. Here he is discussing some general health issue and how you would be benefit.

Green Tea Extract Capsules – Lose Weight without Crash Diet

There are numerous benefits of consuming green tea. There are many who do not like the taste or do not have time to drink it hot or cold. In such a case, they can opt for green tea extract capsules. Green tea has all the nutritional and medicinal qualities required by a human body. There are a few things that ... Read More »

An Unbiased Review of Brestrogen: Benefits and Side Effects Analyzed

Many women are not content about the appearance of their breasts after their pregnancy and nursing or as they get older. There are several options that available to regain what they’ve lost- surgeries, exercises, cosmetic products and more. Brestrogen is one of the best natural breast enhancement creams available in the beauty market today, which helps in increasing the breast ... Read More »

Why You Need Basic First Aid Training?

As an employer it is important to ensure your personnel are health and safety aware, and where necessary health and safety trained. Some places of work will require more training than others, however all businesses should have at least one qualified first aider onsite at all times. Providing health and safety training (formal or informal) can reduce the risk of ... Read More »

How to Loose Weight without Maintaining a Strict Diet

There are many people who believe that popping an ordinary pill would help them to lose weight. You can visit any medical store and find dozens of these dietary pills. For that matter, many sly manufacturers promote their weight loss products by giving advertisements on television and newspaper. Unfortunately, many individuals believe in these fake products and immediately purchase them. ... Read More »

Silica and Its Various Skins, Health and Other Benefits

What is Silica?Silica is a mineral which is the second most prevalent element in nature after oxygen and is one of the elements which our bodies need and without which it would be difficult to imagine life. Silica has widespread application in industries and according to many recent research works, it is supremely important for the health of humans. Silica ... Read More »

Food vs Supplements: Which is More Effective

With the new year fastly approaching, many of us will set new years resolutions, myself included, to become healthier and fitter. Whether we stick to our resolutions is a different matter! As I seem to be setting myself the same targets each year, I wonder this new year how long it will actually last. I do often ask myself if ... Read More »

IVF Explained : Understanding The Risks And What You Need To Know

For couples struggling to conceive, IVF treatment can be a real lifeline. However, it doesn’t always work and there are many risks involved which you do need to understand before committing to anything. It’s important to remember that it might not work all the time, and it could cause emotional struggle for you. Firstly, it is important to realise that ... Read More »

Avoid Divorce – What Every Man Should Know About Snoring

There was a time, not too long ago, when snoring was taken rather lightly. For instance, the sitcoms of the 70s depicted men who snored but always managed to wake up feeling well-rested, while their wives were exhausted and saggy-eyed after having to dealing with their irritating loud snores. People took it for an irritating but rather harmless habit. Today, ... Read More »

Few Simple Tips on Personal Safety Products

In home situations, the most common cause of accidents is falling. It is not possible to avoid accidents totally but a home where babies or elderly persons are living in should be proofed against accidents as much as possible. For instance, using a non-slippery mat near the bath areas is a must. A few precautions will help to avoid injuries ... Read More »

Taking Time to Build a Daily Yoga Routine

Many of us make time to do things that we really don’t enjoy, such as chores and work, just because we have to or are expected to! If only we could set aside time in such a focused way for the things we’d really love to do, such a daily yoga routine, wouldn’t that day-to-day grind feel just that bit ... Read More »