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5 Actionable Ways to Overcome Morning Fatigue

5 Actionable Ways to Overcome Morning Fatigue

Summary: The blog talks about five amazing ways to defeat morning fatigue.

Morning fatigue is quite common among most of us, isn’t it? Nobody wants to leave the warmth of the bed. Many a time, even 8 hours of sleep is not enough to wake you up quite comfortably. Many people have a habit of reaching their office or college late because of their inability to take off from the bed. Morning weariness can have a negative impact on your mood for the whole day. One’s work performance can get diminished due to this problem.

Save your day from getting ruined and health from getting deteriorated with these five tips to overcome morning fatigue. Make sure you follow these with utmost seriousness.

First Task of the Morning – Drink a Glass of Water

The first thing one should do in the morning is to have a glass of water, better if it is lukewarm. During the night time, while the body is at rest, metabolic functions still continue. There is a substantial loss of water (about 2% of the total body water) in these processes. This is enough to make the body slightly dehydrated and inactive. Thus, it is important to rehydrate the body on a priority basis. This action has been proved by many pieces of research and studies across the world. Furthermore, water’s substance as an energizing liquid is sponsored by almost all doctors and health experts. Since the body becomes warm in the night, water provides calmness to the brain and body.

Busy yourself in Some Tasks

Fatigue is like a habit that gets created with continuous practice for many months. You need to get away from this by engaging your mind in some other works. Go into the washroom to have a splash of cold water on the face. Change in temperature deviate the attention of the mind. If you have just begun to fight morning fatigue, you can also use your phone to avoid sleepiness. Play your favorite music video on YouTube, have a look at the latest news. Listening to something spiritual in the morning soothes the mind and promotes healthy living.

Enjoy Stretching with Yoga

Yoga is an ancient science of wellness that originated in the Indian subcontinent. It is a complete way of life with numerous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. It is recommended to everybody, including those who experience tiredness while waking up in the morning that they practice Yoga on a regular basis. After a long sleep, the muscles become stiff. In order to bring energy to the body, it is important to stretch the muscles. Yoga asanas are the best way to energize the whole body in a spiritual way. In addition, Meditation can be extremely beneficial in strengthening the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate. To avoid the body from being lethargic on the bed, breathing Yoga (Pranayama) is a great tool. Enjoy the pranic energy of Pranayama by inhaling and exhaling the pure air of the morning constantly.

Do not Miss your Meals

In maintaining the energy level of one’s body and mind, food plays a significant role. A healthy body is less likely to face morning fatigue, since the body remains refreshed and energized. According to health experts across the world, every person should take three meals a day. The breakfast should be light and the lunch is considered the main meal of the day. A healthy dinner should be taken in the late evening. It is also advised by a number of doctors that vegetarian food is more effective for the proper development of the body and mind. And, do keep hydrating yourself by sipping water all throughout the day in short intervals.

Sleep Well

How you wake up is directly related to how you sleep. The timing of going to the bed has a great impact on your morning vivacity. If you are an office-going individual, it is sure that you have a fixed routine in the morning. To enjoy vitality in the morning, it is important to make your sleeping time stable as well. Less than 6-7 hours of sleep is not recommended for a healthy body. After a working day, the body and mind needs to relax. It is your responsibility to plan your routine in accordance and not experience drowsiness while waking up.

Author Bio : Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He organizes Yoga Classes In Delhi. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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