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What It Means to Suffer from ASD

What It Means to Suffer from ASD

If your doctor is of the opinion that you are suffering from ASD or any form of heart defect then it is found out during regular check-ups. When the doctor goes on to use a stethoscope you are likely to hear a heart murmur. As part of the best ASD treatment in India the doctor may ask you to be part of the below mentioned tips,

  • Echocardiogram- for the diagnosis of ASD this works out to be the most common test. Sometimes you might find ASD when you are undertaking this procedure for any other reason. With the aid of sound waves you can formulate video images of your heart. The doctor is in a position to figure out the strength of the chambers of the heart along with their strength of pumping. You go on to check the heart valves and figure out whether there arise a possibility of heart defects. In short the overall condition could be figured out and then a treatment plan could be formulated as well.
  • Chest X ray- with the help of this test your doctor is in a position to figure out the condition of your heart and lungs. It does point to the fact whether there are other causes of heart defect as well. It is going to illustrate your symptoms in a phased out manner as well.
  • ECG- it goes on to measure the electrical activity levels of your heart and find out whether there are any problems with heart rhythms.
  • Catherization of cardiac- Here you go on to insert a catheter and this is undertaken via your blood vessel. It is undertaken via the arm or the groin which in turn is guided to the heart. In doing so you are able to figure out on how the heart valves are functioning and the heart pumping as well. In addition you are likely to figure out the blood pressure of the lungs as well. At the same time this test cannot figure out an ASD. In some cases the doctor relies on this method to detect heart defects as well.
  • CT scan- during the course of this procedure, a series of X rays you conduct in order to derive images of the heart.
  • MRI scanning- with this method 3 D images of your heart is taken out. it does go on to figure out the visual images of the heart along with other organs of the human body.

Follow Up Care

Perhaps the most important part of this treatment is the follow up care. You would need to figure out the defect along with the chances of other defects emerging as well. You would need to be part of repeated echocardiograms even after you are discharged from the hospital. It could be after a single year or the instructions that is given out by your doctor. In case of simple ASD that does close on its own some follow up treatment may be needed.

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