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How to Relax with Sun Meditation

How to Relax with Sun Meditation

Summary: Our existence on earth is possible due to the energy provided by the sun through its rays. This makes it imperative for us to extract optimum benefit from its energy by the best possible mean that is meditating in the early morning.

Every morning after waking, you see a lot of positive energy outside. A certain kind of freshness becomes evident in all the directions. But, how often you think that the source of this pure state is the Sun. Situated far away from earth, Sun keeps on providing you the vitality to live life with full force and energy. This energy of the sun is so intense that you can literally survive on it. Even spiritual leaders and scientists put a lot of emphasis on doing meditation by facing the rising sun to stay charged throughout the day.

Steps for Doing Sun Meditation

For ages, Sun has been worshipped as a deity due to its many special qualities. You can be sure to get the purest form of light and warmth from the morning sunrise particularly. In order to reap desired results, just follow these steps of Sun Meditation and experience the change in vitality:

Step 1: First of all, find a suitable place where you can practice meditation daily. Make sure to choose an outdoor locality in order to get a clear view of the sun. Now, develop the habit of sitting in the half lotus pose for beginning the process.

Step 2: Now, let the mind and body feel relaxed in that pose. Allow a few minutes to pass naturally, before the stress lowers down and your muscles start to relax. Try to bring your mind to the present moment and for the time being, keep away from unnecessary thoughts.

Step 3: Then close your eyes and breathe slowly with a view to putting your body and mind in a completely relaxed mode.

Step 4: Further get ready to take a proper posture for the sun meditation. Start by straightening the back and then place your hands on the adjacent thighs by keeping the palms in an upward direction. Keep the shoulders relaxed and take deep breathing naturally. See, if you are able to imagine a straight line from the top of your head to the base of your spinal cord.

Step 5: Then, concentrate on the top of your head that is a vital energy point. This is the point from where you get sunlight directly into the body. Try to feel the flow of energy from this that circulates the area on your head.

Step 6: Further experience the sun rays warming your head, the shoulders, and the entire body. Let this feeling persist for some time before your body actually gets heated due to the exposure to direct light of the sun.

Step 7: Now, try to visualize that the sun rays are filling your entire body with energy. You might also start getting the feeling that an aura has created around your body, which is becoming brighter as the sun rises.

Step 8: Meditate on this pose for a few minutes by feeling everything in the environment around you. Then, return to the conscious state gradually. With a smile on your face, try to feel the brighter surrounding. In this mode, you will most likely look energized and ready for the day!

Key Benefits of Sun Meditation

Promote Positive Mood: Exposure to the rising sunlight every morning can ensure you a clear mind with ample optimistic thoughts. This attitude change helps in uplifting the mood as you never feel short of energy and ideas while dealing with complex situations.

Protect Skin Diseases: When sun rays penetrate the body, it increases the blood circulation that makes the skin healthier. This enhanced state of the act keeps general disorders like eczema, psoriasis, and acne, etc., at bay.

Lower Depression: As per research studies, the lack of a sufficient amount of sunlight might lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a form of depression. Particularly, your chance of encountering this kind of depression remains high in winter. Make sure to practice sun meditation in winter to stay cheerful all the time.

Reduce Anxiety: Meditating a few minutes in the sunlight can help in improving the memory and nervous system. This happens due to the normalization of the thyroid glands. It leads to lowering down of the overall anxiety level and a rather relaxed state of mind.

Reduce Hunger: Getting energy directly from the sun is pretty much like feeding yourself. In fact, it makes sure that in the morning, you fulfill a certain percentage of your daily dosage of energy. This further reduces your reliance on food for calorie.

Better Concentration: The entire process of sun meditation is designed to make you more aware towards the self and the surrounding as well. This eventually increases your ability to focus on anything in a dramatic manner.

Ensure Vitamin D: Yes, you must not forget that sunlight is probably the best source of Vitamin D in nature. Obviously, spending time under the sun will enhance the overall health of your bones and make it less prone to disease.

There is no doubt that by practicing the Sun Meditation, you start relating to nature and its laws in a better way. It also improves your body with great vitality and enhances the immune system. But, do remember that directly staring the sun might lead to temporary sight issues. So, be careful while doing the meditation and if possible try to take the guidance of an expert yoga teacher.

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