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Important Benefits of Meditation and Yoga

Important Benefits of Meditation and Yoga

Summary: This article intends to answer one of the most frequently asked questions- “what are the benefits of Yoga and Meditation?”

Many times one feels dejected in life. There are moments in your life when you feel defeated, there are moments when you feel gutted. Life is all about ups and downs, you have to face them, you cannot skim over them. How does it strike one as when he/she fails to make it to an all-important opportunity? One won’t have anything to do but repent.

If any of these stories (or similar to these) are yours, you need to think twice, thrice or even more- Is there no way to be fully fit so that any of the aforementioned adjectives won’t apply? Meditation & physical, mental, and spiritual practice of Yoga can act as a panacea to cure almost all the ailments of the human body. Let’s find the multitudinous benefits of Yoga and meditation:

  • Helps in weight-loss: This is the passion of many. Also, such is the diet of today’s generation that they can’t help being fat. Health yoga helps release sweat which further helps dwindle the fats and cholesterol level. Regular yoga practice helps you trim and tone by removing the extra fats from your body.
  • Reduces Stress: Meditation makes you calm and peaceful. It reduces stress on your mind. It lets you forget all the tensions and anxieties of your life. But for that, you have to practice it on regular basis. Sit the way Shiva used to, concentrate on the self, forget all the worldly things which you are/have, take a long breath and remember the almighty God and feel the tranquil environment you are staying in.
  • Improves concentration level: Whether you are a student, businessman, job seeker, housewife, or a teacher, if you are unable to zero in on your business, believe us, Yoga and Meditation are for you. Studies have shown that Meditation is highly effective in improving the concentration level of a person.
  • Provokes you for a healthy lifestyle: If you are practicing Yoga with an utmost determination for a better result, you follow a healthy lifestyle because it is a part of yoga. From early to rise to early to bed, from a healthy diet to crispy living, from how to sit to how to communicate, Yoga teaches everything. A serious and deep Yoga enthusiast would only know the eminence of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Improves sexual energy: Sex, as many think is not a money for jam. To get satisfaction in your sex life, you must enjoy every bit of it. Certain yoga poses such as- Backbend, Downward-facing dog, Plank-shaped pose, Cobbler’s pose etc. can give your body the required flexibility which is necessitated during sex. These Yoga poses increase the percolation of blood in your body resulting in the upturn in sexual energy.
  • Gives Better sleep: You must have googled “how to get better sleep” no less than 20-30 times and every time the answers cast you down with some bizarre solutions, we are sure. The only possible way to have better and uninterrupted sleep is to find relief from any physical and mental stress, and this is where Yoga and Meditation come into play.
  • Slows down the aging process: Who doesn’t want to be young forever? We are sure- everybody. Yoga makes you look young for long. The science behind this is quite easy to get. Physical exercises make sure your muscles and bones are bound together closely. This gives rise to a healthy and tight body.

Apart from these, Yoga has a solution to a number of disorders or diseases. In fact, there is no disease in the world that can lay a finger on you if you practice regular Yoga with utmost sincerity. Every disease has different Yoga poses as an effective remedy. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to call Yoga as the janitor of our body. Calling Yoga the source of one’s happiness would also be absolutely on the nail.

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