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6 Best Healing Yoga Poses

6 Best Healing Yoga Poses

Summary: From physical injuries to mental disorders, Yoga has the potential to heal your whole body. Check out the excellent yoga poses that can help you heal.

With technology advancing exponentially, the usage of human capabilities is increasing with every passing day and so does the health problems. In the present scenario, every second person is affected with a certain ailment, physical or mental. Despite a number of medical therapies and treatment solutions available for almost every problem these days, a majority of the people still suffer from bad health. However, there is another way for healing and improving well-being which is way simpler with longer-lasting effects than these modern treatment facilities. That is none other than Yoga.

From physical injuries to mental disorders, Yoga is the ultimate healer. The 5000-year old origination that combines stretching and muscle-toning asanas, controlled breathing and meditation helps practitioner heal fast and feel well on all levels. Here is a list of 6 amazing yoga postures for recuperating your whole body:

1. Mountain Pose or Tadasana: The foundational pose for all standing poses improves posture and respiration. It builds and boosts the confidence level.
How to do: Stand tall and spread your legs slightly apart. Let your hands rest sideways. Firm your thigh muscles and draw them inwards without hardening your belly. Now, lengthen your tailbone and lift your ankles, kneecaps, chest, and head upward. Look slightly up. Push your shoulder blades down and widen your collarbones. Observe the stretch of the body while breathing deeply for 5-6 times.

2. Tree Pose or Vrksasana: The pose is very helpful in easing anxiety. It promotes concentration and awareness.
How to do: Stand erect with feet together. Keep your hands sideways. Now, fold your right leg and place the right sole firmly on the left calf or inner thigh. Balance the whole body on the standing leg while keeping it erect. Elongate your spine and raise your arms overhead, once you find the balance. Join the palms in ‘namaste’ mudra. Hold the moment for 5-8 deep breaths and then switch sides.

3. Warrior II Pose or Virabhadrasana II: It gives a good workout to the lower body. How to do: Stand on the ground tall and keep your legs 4-5 feet apart. Keep your arms sideways. Inhale, lift your hands at shoulder height, parallel to the floor. Take a deep breath, gently turn the right leg out at 90 degrees to the right side and the left feet inwards at 45 degrees. Do not twist the body, keep it centered. Bend the right knee slightly downward in a way that the right thigh becomes parallel to the ground. Turn your head right and hold the moment for 4-5 deep breaths. Repeat on the other side.

4. Standing Forward Bend or Uttanasana: The pose relieves tension in the neck, spine, and back. It also reduces stress and anxiety and calms the mind.
How to do: Stand straight on the ground. Keep your feet parallel and hip-distance apart. Press all the four corners of the feet equally on the floor. Inhale deeply and slowly raise your arms overhead. Now, lean forward at the hips as you exhale to reach the ground with fingertips beside the feet. Draw the abdominal muscles inwards and bend the knees slightly. Drop down your head, neck, and shoulders. Hold the moment for a few deep breaths.

5. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana: The pose is great for relieving stress and tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. It opens the chest and increases blood circulation and oxygen supply in the body.
How to do: Begin lying down on your stomach in a relaxed position. Keep your feet together and toes flat on the ground. Keep your hands beside the chest, palm facing down. Now, straighten your elbows, press the hands into the floor and lift your upper body including head, neck, shoulders, and chest off the floor. Shift your upper body weight on your hands and thighs. Tilt your head behind as long as you are comfortable and stay in the moment for some time. Repeat for 3-4 times.

6. Downward Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana: The pose increases blood flow to the brain, improves the cognitive functioning, combats stress and anxiety, and improves mood.
How to do: Begin on your hands and knees in a tabletop position. Keep your knees directly under the hips and hands directly under the shoulders. Now, slide your hands a few inches forward of your shoulders, raise the knees higher and straighten the legs. Press the palms firmly into the floor and spread the fingers widely. Lift your pelvis towards the ceiling in a way that the body forms an inverted ‘V’ pose. Keep your neck relaxed and look at your abdomen. Hold the posture for a few deep breaths.

So, bring yoga into your daily life and better the health of your whole body.

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