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You Thought You Knew All about Cheese

You Thought You Knew All about Cheese

Young or old, cheese forms a vital ingredient in most of the day to day meals. Cheese is the final product that is extracted from acidifying the milk. The flavours show an inconsistency based on the animal, whose milk is used to make cheese. There are more than hundred array of cheese produced across the world. Grilled or raw cheese tastes harmonious. Here are a few facts one needs to know about this inherited healthy food.

Nutrition Facts

Milk being a complete food, cheese has broken records with its amazing health benefits. It consists of an assortment of nutrients that is essential for smooth functioning of human body. Cheese is loaded with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B12 and A which make it a near perfect side with the main dishes. Although it consists of some portion of saturated fat, consuming in right quantity can prove miraculously beneficial for your health.Vitamin D, protein, and carbohydrates also form the components of the nutrition that chess provides.

Cheese Siblings

Cheese not only differs in flavour but also the texture and the colour dating to its origin. Each type of cheese has different nomenclature and history.

  • Mozzarella- An Italian cheese made from buffalo milk. This is widely used for pizzas and pastas. The fresh mozzarella appears white, slowly fading to yellowish shade with aging.
  • Parmesan- Another sibling originated on the banks of river Reno. This is granular in texture made from Cow’s milk. Meticulously used for pastas, risottos, and soups.
  • Cheddar- A hard and off-whitish cheese made from cow milk proudly dates its origin to the British. It is the second most popular type of cheese after mozzarella.
  • Feta- A Greek product prepared from sheep or goat milk comes with an amazing flavour. Works best with omelettes and sandwiches.
  • Cottage- This cheese was an accidental discovery with the left over milk that was acidified to form cheese.

Healthy Quick Bites with Cheese

Here are a couple of cheesy delicacies that are easy to prepare and healthy too.

  • Green Cheese Buns- Getting late for work? Grab bun, slice it from centre, place a cheese slice with some cabbage, lettuce, and any veggie at home like carrots, spinach, beets or baked potatoes. You are ready to eat healthy yet delicious.
  • Cucumber grilled cheese bites- Add few cucumber slices between your multigrain bread. Grill the sandwich and serve with arrabiata sauce and shredded cheese.
  • Cheesy Pan cake Pizza- Have craving for pizza at midnight? Don’t worry, take a pan and pour the pan cake batter. (A ready pizza base or a bread slice can act as substitute for pan cake). Grate blissful amount of cheese. Add some tomatoes and bell peppers. Serve hot and enjoy the healthy delicacy.
  • Cauliflower grilled cheese crusts- Take a cauliflower and grate it. Mix it with rice flour, adding some water and a pinch of salt. Make pan cakes like small bread slices. Add cheese spread, grated cheese or cheese slice in between two crusts and enjoy your grilled cheese crusts.

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James Oliver is a nutrition expert and chef and he helps you understand the nutrition facts of cheese. He does that in style with some lip smacking grilled cheese healthy recipes.