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Detailed Information about High Blood Pressure and Its Causes

Detailed Information about High Blood Pressure and Its Causes

High blood pressure, diabetes, pain in the joints, feeling tired constantly, etc, are some of the commonly diagnosed issues in the elderly people these days. With the changing lifestyle and eating habits, most of these issues are even diagnosed in people, who have not yet crossed 35 years.

High Blood Pressure Causes

The force with which the blood fluid pushes the walls of the blood vessels is considered as blood pressure. The main work of heart is to pump oxygenated blood to the arteries. Arteries are the blood vessels that are connected to all body parts, and fulfill the work of supplying oxygenated blood from heart to other body parts.

When the blood pressure increases, it makes your heart work almost 1½ or 2 times more than its regular pace. Continuous pumping of blood with higher force results with the hardening of the walls of arteries. This condition usually result with causing some minor symptoms in the pumping mechanism of heart, which gradually leads to heart failure or heart attacks, stroke, failure in the kidneys’ working mechanism, etc.

Blood Pressure of a Healthy Human Being

The blood pressure of a healthy human being will be diagnosed with the help of systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the higher number to which the blood pressure rises and diastolic is the lowest number till the blood pressure count falls in a measuring monitor. There are many blood pressure ranges that are considered as normal BP of a human being.

  • Normal blood pressure is the unit more than 80 and less than 120 (80/120)
  • High BP 1st Stage: the BP of a person here will be around 90-99 and 140-159. The Stage 2 High BP will be around 100/160.
  • Pre-hypertension measuring number will be around 80-89 and 120-139.
  • People who have already crossed their age of 60 with the blood pressure of 90/150 are listed under the people with high BP category.

To know more about blood pressure and the normal measuring number you can click here.

Mechanism of Body Parts and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the many health problems that are caused because of imbalance in the normal functioning mode of any body part. There are many parts that contribute in the wavering or even increasing the normal blood pressure in the body. Some are listed below.

Function and Structure or High Blood Pressure

The blood vessels connecting to both the immune system, the angiotensin pathway starts stiffening because of irregular change in the structure of arteries, and results in causing negative effect on the blood flow. This condition can increase the blood pressure.

Salt Balance and Kidney Fluid

Kidney’s main work is to filter potassium from the body, which is found in excess amount. Even minor changes in this kidney’s mechanism result in increased flow of blood in the blood vessels, which gradually lead to high blood pressure.

Apart from improper working of some body parts, there are other causes that might increase the blood flow in vessels. Hence, if you are looking for an answer for the question, “how to lower your blood pressure fast”, then following everything your physician advices you is the right choice.

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