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Using Invisalign – Observe These Precautions to Improve Life of Aligners

Using Invisalign – Observe These Precautions to Improve Life of Aligners

Do you feel embarrassed with wire braces? Are you feeling uncomfortable with your brackets? There are millions of people who feel the same. People suffering from orthodontics will go to any extent to get rid of the crooked teeth problems. To ease the dental treatment processes, there have been constant efforts being put to advance treatment options.

One of these advancements is Invisalign. When compared to other traditional dental procedures, Invisalign gives you the comfort of normal living with the treatment. You can get your misaligned teeth straightened without disturbing your routine lifestyle.

Just to brief you about this procedure, it uses customized trays known as aligners. These aligners are prepared based on your teeth size and shape. That means your dentist will take measurement of your teeth and then accordingly the aligners would be created. Through this article, we have tried to explain you some of the dos and don’ts you need to observe during the usage of Invisalign.

Some dos you need to observe

  • You can eat anything you like while wearing the Invisalign. In case of other traditional methods, there will be restriction in what you can consume. You can even remove the Invisalign to eat all your favorite food items without barring anything. For better results, it is advised that immediately after eating, you brush your teeth and then replace the aligners.
  • While wearing the Invisalign, you can lead a normal life. There won’t be any change in your smile. Most of the people while wearing wire braces use Photoshop to alter their smile.
  • It is advised that you clean the Invisalign on a regular basis. You can use vinegar or denture cleaner, and brush them with soft brush to clean.

Some don’ts you need to observe

  • While you are wearing the Invisalign, you need to make sure you don’t drink any sort of beverages. Only water is allowed. Since the aligners are made of plastic material, any sort of hot or chilled beverage could potentially damage the aligners.
  • One more reason is the beverage could entrap between your teeth and aligners and in turn cavitations could be accelerated. You can simply take them out and store in a container and replace them after you drink or eat.
  • Make sure you brush and floss your teeth immediately after eating or drinking. If you are eating or drinking something that is pigmented, then the aligners may get stained and could be visible due to residual stuck in your teeth.
  • You need to handle the aligners very carefully since there are chances that you may break them while removing or replacing from your teeth. Don’t use your regular toothbrush and paste to clean the aligners. There are special cleaning agents available in the market. You need to use them to maintain the aligners in healthy condition.

Generally, people get confused as how to use the aligners and will be doubtful about the usage. To get aligners that suit your teeth profile, consult any of the reputed Invisalign in Arlington, Texas dentists.

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