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Is IVF The Perfect Choice For Your Infertility Issues?

Is IVF The Perfect Choice For Your Infertility Issues?

Your married life can suddenly come to a stop when you realize that you just cannot have a baby like other couples. The only consolation is the fact that you are not the only couple facing this. Around 15% couples around the world have issues with fertilization, and thankfully, there are some great alternatives in modern medicine that allow them to enjoy the pleasure of having a baby. IVF, which is the short name for In Vitro Fertilization, is one of the greatest hopes for young couples, and here are a few essential things that you may want to know.

Why IVF?

Well, just because you are unable to get pregnant naturally doesn’t mean that IVF is the only solution at hand. There are hormonal treatments and artificial insemination, which are wonderful and successful ways of conception. IVF is mostly suggested to couples who don’t have other choices and also to women and single mothers who are over 35 years of age. Issues like Endometriosis, low sperm count, issues in uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, and ovulation problems are often considered to be the reasons why your doctor may consider IVF.

What’s IVF?

By now, you may know that artificial insemination is all about placing the sperm artificially in the uterus, but IVF is a different process all together. Here, the embryo is formed in a lab in certain conditions, and as obvious as it may sound, the sperm and eggs must be collected by the clinic. The procedure first started with hormonal injections being given to the women, which will allow more eggs to release unlike one that’s released in ovulation. Following that, the doctor will conduct tests to find the time to extract the eggs, and on the same day, the partner will be asked to donate the sperm. Once done, the next step is to get the fertilized embryo in the uterus, and sometimes, your doctor may place more than one egg in the uterus to increase the chances.

There are many clinics that offer ivf in Russia, but make sure that you spend some time with the doctor to understand the procedure and knowing your chances. There are also high chances of having twins or triplets, so that’s a possibility that you may want to know about. Most clinics will tell you of the entire costs, but if there are any hormonal treatments or injections to be given, you should ask for the same too.

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