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Tips from a Chiropractor to Ease Back Pain

Tips from a Chiropractor to Ease Back Pain

The businesseswe have today accumulate a great deal of stress on everyone. It is also quite often that people suffer from back pain due to their working arrangements. It is either because of sitting at the desk or because of some heavy lifting. We may not even notice the pain before it starts to be unbearable.

Thankfully there is help for the back pain. Consulting a local chiropractor like for instance the Chiropractor in Eugene Oregon will give you an insight on what the actual problem you have is and how to treat it.

Chiropractors perform adjustment of the spine or in other words manipulation that releases the pressure and makes sure that your spine is set into place. They also relax the muscles and help you with potential injuries. Still if you don’t seem to manage the time to go a chiropractor’s office, you can do some simple exercises on your own that are actually doctor recommended. Here is an example of a few.

Cold and Hot Therapy

Applying pressure on the aching point is the basis of a chiropractor’s training. Apart form the simple pressure you can apply hot or cold treatment to that same part. An ice pack can do the trick for back and neck pain. It alleviates pain and discomfort quite easily. The heat treatment is also helping you by providing comfort and relief. The best approach is a combination of the two. It works quicker if your aching point isn’t the same temperature all the time.

Hamstring Stretches

In case the back of your thighs, i.e. your hamstrings feel tight, you may have limited motion in your pelvis which results in a lot of pressure being accumulated in the lower part of your back. Make sure you properly stretch the hamstrings, especially if you are a physically active person.

Sit up Straight

Proper posture means a perfectly aligned spine. Make sure that you don’t slouch whether you are walking, standing up or simply sitting. Your lower back suffers great pressure and it needs to be as relieved as possible so sit up straight. Fight the urge to lower your shoulders and don’t get used to a bad posture position.

Workout Your Back

The muscles on your back should become much stronger than they are. Your back is an enormous weight carrier and the muscles must be strong to sustain such pressure. Take time to do some back exercises and you will notice the difference almost instantly.

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