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Laser Hair Removal – Which Areas On The Body Can Be Cleaned Using This Process

Laser Hair Removal – Which Areas On The Body Can Be Cleaned Using This Process

Laser hair removal technique is gaining ground over all other methods of unwanted body hair removal methods. It is a gentle and effective way to remove as well as permanently reduce unwanted hair from virtually any part of the body. But each area of the body has corresponding laser treatment to remove those unwanted hair.

Let us look into some of the most common treatable areas –

  • a) Upper Lip – The area is quite small and thus takes just a few minutes of laser time to get treated. Candidates having hair darker than the skin are ideal candidates and give the best results.
  • b) Chin – Sometimes due to hormonal misbalance, women develop hair in the chin area which looks very unsightly. The time duration for treating it is again less than ten minutes and depends on the density of hair present. Though the treatment of this area is fairly direct and uncomplicated but sometimes irritation and redness follows the treatment.
  • c) Eyebrow Area – For some men and women, the rate of hair growth in this area is so high that they have to resort to daily or almost daily hair plucking ritual. Going for this treatment is ideal for them. A fast process, it helps in maintaining a groomed, natural brow line for a longer period of time than tweezing or plucking. The process also effectively takes care of stray hairs between, above, and below the brows. The treatment time is about 15-20 minutes with only minor irritation afterwards.
  • d) Chest Hair – Mostly men face this problem, which causes them embarrassment and sometimes rebuff from the opposite sex. Since tweezing and waxing is not feasible, laser hair removal treatment is ideal. The treatment requires 4-6 sessions of about an hour.
  • e) Back – This area is again mostly men’s concern and takes about 5-8 sessions of about an hour for complete treatment.
  • f) Legs – This treatment is preferred over shaving and waxing as a more permanent solution.
  • g) Arms and Underarms – While shaving and razor can make the hair rough and cause infection, the hair can be easily removed with much less pain and leaves the skin supple and soft.
  • h) Bikini, Genital and Pubic area – With the more naked or ‘bare’ look becoming increasingly popular; the demand for hair removal of the bikini area is also on the rise. Shaving or waxing in these delicate areas is extremely dangerous and painful.

Laser hair removal technique is a boon. It is a fairly quick process of just about 15-30 minutes per session. It can take anything from four to eight sessions for complete treatment.

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