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Protect Your Body by Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Protect Your Body by Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Your heart is the second most important organ in your body, the first being your brain. That said, your brain is useless without your heart pumping blood to it. Your heart is your life force. If it’s weakened and fails, it can cause long-lasting effects on your body or even death. So what can you do to keep your heart healthy? Lots of things actually. Let’s find out.

Cut Out Cigarettes

Cigarettes are awful for you. Besides a nicotine rush, they just pump your body full of poisons. Cigarettes create fatty deposits in your arteries. These deposits will clog up your arteries to the point where it’s harder to pump blood through them. What does that mean? It means your heart has to work extra hard to get the blood around your body. That extra work puts a strain on it. Too much strain and your heart will give out. While switching to nicotine replacement therapies is a good start, nicotine can narrow your arteries alone. You may not be increasing the fatty deposits, but you’re still making it harder for your heart. Try and quit smoking and nicotine together for a healthier heart.

Observe Changes

You need to know your body. If something changes in how it functions or operates, you need to see a professional. Visit for more information about arrhythmias. These are changes in the heart’s beating pattern. The fluttering in your chest that can’t be explained by excitement, stimulants, or whatnot might be the result of an arrhythmia. They could indicate a heart condition, or even worse in terms of imminent failure. If you start feeling something different in your heart, seek out a professional.

Eat Better

We know bad, and saturated fats clog the arteries. The more body fat on you the more likely you are to have worse arteries. To help prevent this, make changes to your diet. Even if you are not overweight, if you have a poor diet it could still affect your heart. Eat plenty of whole and natural foods. Avoid refined sugar whenever possible. An occasional treat is fine. Just so long as it is had very occasionally, and in moderation.


Exercise is not the magic bullet for helping your heart, but it does help. It pumps the blood harder and faster. It can help clear out the clogged arteries that way. Always be aware of your abilities though. If you have heart problems, already you can’t run for miles and miles. You need to do something that moves your body but is less intensive. Swimming and yoga are low intensity but very effective exercises. If you don’t have any existing heart conditions, you can engage in more intensive exercise. Running, cycling, and weights for instance. All have a positive effect on your heart health so long as you don’t try working out beyond your fitness level to start.

Your heart needs love. It needs to be properly taken care of. Follow the above tips and you should be fine, with a healthy heart for decades to come.

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