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Four Major Reasons People Fear Hospitals

When there is something wrong with our bodies, we tend to think the worst. Call it paranoia or natural fear, but the media has trained us to be cautious about any issues we find with our health. However, that does not mean we will ask for help. There are a number of reasons why we will avoid going to the doctors or hospital at all costs. It is important to understand these reasons, because, if we understand them, we can learn to cope.

1) Hospital Born Bugs

Yes, this is the big one and we blame the media for this. The news tells us that superbugs originate in hospitals and can kill up to 80,000 people a year. Then they expect us to keep going there when we have health issues. The thing that makes these bugs frightening is that they are completely resistant to antibiotics. That means that they can not be cured, right now. What many people do not realise is that medicine is a back and forth game kind of like tennis. The viruses take the first hit evolving to beat antibiotics and the doctors create new antibiotics to beat the bugs. This is not a new occurrence. It has been going on for years and is only being hyped up by the media.

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2) Sometimes it is best not to know

This is just human nature. We think if we ignore a problem, eventually it will go away by itself, and we will no longer have to worry about it. We understand the basic thought pattern here. The problem is that the longer you leave an issue unchecked, the worse the outcome can be. One particular example is any unexplained lumps on your body. You should always get these checked out. If it is the worst case scenario, then it is important to catch it early.

3) Human Error

We have all read the horror stories online where either by mistake or through negligence a doctor has affected a patient’s quality of life. But, what people need to understand is that they are putting their lives in the hands of a professional. That means that while there will be a few cases of negligence, most doctors will provide the best treatment available. Also, if they do make a mistake because they are professionals they can be held accountable.

4) Making the Situation Worse

We are not just talking about the possibility that a doctor has made the situation worse this time. Rather, we know that waiting in a hospital to see a doctor, with lots of sick people around, can seem like a nightmare. We know this because we feel the exact the same way. But you should not let this put you off getting treatment. Almost every hospital now has sanitation points where you can wash your hands. This reduces the risk of spreading illness. Although, we do not recommend using a public touchscreen to book an appointment. Where possible, speak to someone instead. Touch screens are notorious for holding onto germs and bacteria from hands.

Remember, nothing should stop you going to the hospital if you need treatment. Or, just a checkup to make sure everything is okay.

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