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Absolute Artistry for Natural Looking Arches

Absolute Artistry for Natural Looking Arches

Shakespeare once said, ‘The eyes are the windows to one’s soul’. What it means is, when someone looks into your eyes, they see the truth about you in them. Whether you are honest, sincere, considerate, compassionate, or excited, it is evident in your eyes. Similarly the eyebrows form the frame of your face. They are signifiers of your self-confidence, assertiveness, logic, organizational abilities, motivation, and decision making capabilities. This is why people always notice them while making first impressions about you.

For a Flawless Facial Frame

While some people are blessed by nature with shapely, long brows, others have to put in that extra effort to achieve well defined arches. Eyebrow Embroidery makes it possible for men and women to get the beautiful and natural brows they have always wanted. It involves adding colored pigments to the skin, giving your brows a full and flawless look. It is a great way to thicken and make them look more distinct. And if done by a qualified and reputed technician, it will last up to 2 years with minor touch-ups required in between.

Technology to the Rescue

Depending on your budget and needs, there are two popular choices available.

  • 3D Eyebrow Embroidery: This is for people with thick brows needing minimal touch-up. In this procedure, hair-like strokes are implanted using small a cluster of needles, shaped like a pen. These strokes are soft and natural and improve the overall look of a person’s face.
  • 6D Eyebrow Resurrection Style of Embroidery: This is the latest technique in eyebrow embroidery which tempts most women with badly done, out-dated brows or sparse natural brows. This new precedent adopts 6D Eyebrow Embroidery technique where the strokes are more intricate, lively, and curvy that they resemble your eyebrow’s natural strands.

Worth The Expense

Most people wonder whether the 6D technique is painful, but on a scale of 10 the pain is barely at 2. That is the same as the threading job you get at your local salon every month for a definitive look. And this will last 10 times longer if proper care is taken. Usually a soothing lotion is applied to reduce your discomfort.

The safety is another concern for some. Most aesthetic clinics that offer 3D/ 6D eyebrow embroidery are all compliant with the health norms, using disposable needles and blades, and the other equipment used are always sterilized. The pigments used are a form of iron-oxide which is safe and non-reactive, thus considered perfect for implanting on the human skin.

A Natural Touch

The 3D/ 6D embroidery techniques imitate each and every strand of your eyebrow by creating the lines and strokes using a special embroidery blade. All the empty spaces in between your brow will be filled in, giving you a natural look.

Since this technique is semi-permanent, you can always alter the shape of your brows once it wears off. With proper after care, the 6D technique will give that confidence which only having perfect eyebrows can give you. Good luck!

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