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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

You will always find a compassionate team at dedicated animal hospitals which provide treatments to various kinds of pets, tailored according to the pets’ needs. They also have their online presence where you can clarify anything related to pets. One of them is where a good resource of information is available to answer many doubts that arise concerning different kinds of pets. This post is about some surprising health benefits of having a pet dog.

Pets have always proven to be the best stress busters for the mankind. We have always been listening stories about the emotional bonds between the pet and its owner, mostly the cases are of pet dogs. Now we also have proven facts to show how a pet dog can be a health saver and can help you stay healthy. Keep reading to know the surprising health benefits of having a pet dog.

1. Dogs Can Detect Cancer

Yes, you read it right. The scientific reports based on two decades long research says that dogs can sniff out skin cancer and can also detect other types of cancers like lung, breast, ovarian, colon, and bladder cancers very efficiently. A research conducted using an eight year old trained black Labrador dog which detected colorectal cancer 90% accurately among the body fluids samples collected by the scientists.

2. Pet Dogs Helps In Reducing High Blood Pressure

A pet dog can relieve you of the entire day’s stress by the welcoming gestures it shows you on your return, filling your heart with love. A relaxed, stress-free heart always has a normal blood pressure and maintains the same.

3. No Risk Of Eczema

According to the study published by the Journal of Pediatrics in 2011 which followed a group of 600 children, found that the infants who lived with a pet dog in family were having lower rate of eczema than other kids. But before getting a pet dog for your little one, it is always advisable to consult your doctor for the probability of risk of asthma.

4. They Help You To Rehabilitate From Disease

There are many kinds of dreadful diseases attacking people unexpectedly, leaving their world upside down and pushing them to depression. A pet dog can be a savior to help you make a swift recovery and rehabilitate from any kind of illness. It is especially the elderly patients and patients with physical disabilities benefit a lot from a pet dog which always encourages and inspires them by eliminating loneliness. Also, many studies have proved the fact that the dog owners are better at dealing anxiety and stressful events.

5. Dogs Help You Cut Down Your Hospital Visits

Till the leash is in your hands, you can count on this. Your pet dog will keep you active as you need to take it for walk, play fetch games, and many other activities. The key benefit of walking is that it keeps you fit and takes care of your overall health, which certainly helps you cut down your hospital visits and bills.

The companionship and feeling of joy provided by your pet dog to you is crucial, not only for your happiness but also for your health. Go ahead in life with a pet dog.

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