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Where to Turn When Suffering with Addiction

Where to Turn When Suffering with Addiction

It might feel like you have nowhere to turn when you’re dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. But there are people out there who can help you.

Friends & Family

Your first port of call, when you have problems and think you have an addiction, should be your close friends and family. A lot of people don’t do this and instead retreat into their shells and end up in a vicious circle. This is a big mistake. For most people, friends and family will be understanding and do everything they can to help you.

But don’t turn to the people that you know through your addiction. People who are out of control and even more addicted to a substance than you are won’t be able to help you because they need to help themselves first. So, remove yourself from this kind of company and talk to a friend that isn’t involved in substance abuse.


If you no longer feel that your friends can offer you much help, it might be time to seek professional medical advice. Past a certain point, there’s not too much that an untrained friend can do. They can offer you help and support, but they can’t offer you the kind of professional guidance that a doctor can.

If you go to your family doctor, they’ll be able to treat any symptoms that you’ve been suffering. This will make you feel a little better. And then they’ll be able to discuss more long-term solutions to your problem with you. There are more options than you might realise, and they’ll be able to offer their expert opinion to you.


One of the main options that a doctor might recommend to you is residential drug rehab. This is usually offered to people with advanced addictions who are past the point where other treatments can be of use to them. There are downsides of residential rehab, but the benefits far outweigh them.

For a start, it allows you to get out of your day to day habits. You’ll be in an entirely new location away from the temptations and distractions that might usually result in you taking drugs or drinking alcohol. You’ll also have round the clock access to experts who know what they’re doing and can help you break your addictive behaviour.

Support Groups

Sometimes simply talking about your problem can help you feel better and refocus your mind. It might even provide you with the push you need to take further action and find a way to rid yourself of your addiction problem once and for all. Either way, being in the company of people who are going through similar problems can help.

There’s no pressure on you to talk or say certain things when you’re at these kinds of groups. A lot of people think that they’ll be pressured into pouring their hearts out to the group, but that’s not the case. You can say as much or as little as you want, it’s just a case of finding out what’s best for you.

It can often be hard to see a way out when you’re suffering from addiction, but these options can all help, so consider them carefully.

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