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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Pregnant

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Pregnant

Anyone who has tried and failed to become pregnant in the past knows just how upsetting it can be. While some women seem to fall pregnant without trying others struggle for years with no success. Even with medical assistance from fertility clinics, chances of conception for some are low. There are many reasons why getting pregnant is tough. If you haven’t yet resorted to medical interventions, here are some things you can try:

Meditation – Many couples trying to conceive naturally come under increasing stress each month. Each will blame themselves and upset is a natural consequence of the failure to conceive. Meditation or Yoga can help reduce stress and help you find a better head space for the prospect of successful conception. Keep sex pleasurable rather than a chore. Spend time massaging and caressing each other to help with relaxation and intimacy.

Nutrition – When you are preparing your body for pregnancy, it is important to treat it well. Exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and other harmful substances. Pick up an effective fertility supplement to ensure there are no gaps in the nutrients your body needs. Eat well from each of the food groups. You might still indulge in processed foods and snacks. You will want to avoid these when you are pregnant and nursing, so now is a good time to cut down.

Use an ovulation test – The chances of conceiving are at their highest when we are ovulating. Use a testing stick to find out when you are ready. Many women over the age of thirty do not ovulate every month. If after three months you have not had a positive ovulation test, it may be time to check with a doctor where your hormone levels are. This is not to say you can’t conceive naturally and unaided, but you can find out if you have a better chance with help.

Have regular sex – For an optimum supply of sperm, try to have sex two or three times a week even when you are not ovulating. It helps you feel close and able to enjoy sex for fun instead of just a way to make a baby. It can also help reduce the stress of trying to conceive.

Use a reliable pregnancy test – Some women prefer to wait for several missed periods to determine if they are pregnant. Menstruation cycles can be disrupted by stress, diet, exercise and other factors. Only a positive pregnancy test will determine if you are definitely pregnant. Many women doubt the results of a pregnancy test and choose to test again. This adds to the pressure. Choose a well-respected brand of test to assure you.

Most couples go through fertility difficulties at some point in their lives, and it can happen at any age. If you feel there may be a physical or medical reason for your lack of success, ask a doctor for advice. You may need to have a series of blood and urine tests. There may also be other more intrusive tests to undertake. These can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. But they should provide the doctors with important information about the cause of the problems you are facing. Stay positive, and look forward to a positive pregnancy.

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