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Good Diabetes Treatment Schedule Helps You Protect Your Feet and Eventual Amputation

Good Diabetes Treatment Schedule Helps You Protect Your Feet and Eventual Amputation

With effective management of diabetes and periodical foot care you can avoid serious foot sores that may not be eventually amenable to treatment and amputation may become inevitable.

Below, you find what is necessary to maintain your feet health, and to deal with the consequences of amputation if necessary.

  • Preclude the possibility of foot ulcers by proper foot care.
  • Take timely medical care in the event of any problem.
  • Examine your feet daily for vesicates, cuts, splits, soreness, rubors, inflammation or swelling.
  • Clean your feet using lukewarm water every day and wipe them dry them with soft fabric, particularly amid toes.
  • Shun removing callosities or other foot wounds yourself.
  • Avoid using chemical verruca dissolvers.
  • Clean-cut your toenails with care.
  • Ensure you do not move around barefoot.
  • Put on clean and dry cotton socks without tight elastic.
  • Wear right fitting shoes.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Have cyclical foot checkups.
  • Do not take foot injuries lightly. Consult your physician.

In case, amputation is unavoidable:

  • You surgeon will operate on to get rid of the decayed tissue and protect healthy tissue.
  • Post surgery, you will be under supervision in the hospital for about a fortnight.
  • Your wound may take four to eight weeks to heal totally.

Apart from your surgeon, other medical experts taking part in your treatment schedule may comprise:

  • An endocrinologist, who is a specialist physician in the healing of diabetes and other troubles relevant to hormones
  • A physical counselor, who will assist you recuperate vigor, equilibrium and synchronization and guide you to use an artificial limb, wheelchair or other gear necessary to enhance your movability
  • An occupational therapist is a specialist, who helps to improve daily abilities
  • A psychologist or psychiatrist, who remedies your mind-set relating to amputation or coop with other peoples’ reaction,
  • A social worker, who guides you to adopt to societal changes

Subsequent to amputation, it is imperative to follow your Diabetes Protocol program. People subjected to one amputation face a greater peril of undergoing another.

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