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Choosing a Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Solution for Seniors

Choosing a Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Solution for Seniors

Senior rehab services and long – term care means that someone needs help with every day self-care. Things like bathing, dressing, eating, or walking. This type of care can be provided in several ways: at home, in the community, and in a nursing home.

When choosing a care facility there are many questions and concerns that you have. Your loved ones care and happiness should be at the top of the list. Think about the needs of your loved one, how do they spend their day, do they have hobbies, or medical needs.

It is natural to judge a facility based on landscaping, furniture and paint. A nice looking facility is important but the caregivers experience and background is crucial. You want to find a facility that offers care with dignity. A happy caregiver equals a happy resident.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Ask for references of all staff members and check them. You will want to know how experienced the staff is.
  • When is the RN staff member on-site? Only at certain times of the day or at all times?
  • How many staff members are on duty at one time?
  • Does the facility have staff members who are live-in or do they work shifts.

Depending on what your loved one needs the answers to these questions will help you determine if the facility is right for your needs.

The facility should be neat and clean. The patients should look bright and well cared for. Go ahead and speak with the residents finding out their perception of the site. Remember to specifically note how the staff inter act with the residents. Are they caring and treat the residents with respect and dignity? Thinking about your loved one and their personality would they fit in? Would they like it there? Can you imagine your loved one living in the home? Would they fit in? Are there activities going on that they would enjoy? Look at the activities calendar to see what is offered.

Questions to Ask

  • Can your loved one take their pet with them?
  • Is smoking allowed in the facility?
  • Does the facility provided transportation for residents to get to medical appointments or outside activities like church?
  • Does the staff plan medical appointments? How are self-help issues handled?
  • Does the staff manage spending money?
  • Is the staff responsible for residents taking their medications or do they just remind residents to take it?
  • What is the security like? If there are dementia residents accepted are there alarms on doors? How does the staff become aware if a patient is exiting the home?
  • What is the menu at the facility? Do they offer items that your loved one likes and will eat? Have a meal at the facility with your loved one. This is a good way to sample the food and also meet some of the residents.
  • Ask about the monthly cost that includes all fees. Does the facility take Medicaid and if they do is there a certain time frame that requires out of pocket payment before Medicaid will take over?
  • Ask what circumstances a resident might be asked to move out. How long does the resident have to give notice to the staff if they decide to move?

Make visits to several residential homes before you make a decision. When you have 2 or 3 facilities that seem to be a good fit, visit them again and visit unannounced. Remember to let your instincts guide you. If it feels right it probably is.

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