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Why are Ecigs Becoming So Popular?

Why are Ecigs Becoming So Popular?

If you haven’t heard of electronic cigarettes, or ‘ecigs’, then you have probably been living under a rock. The trend of using ecigs, which is known as ‘vaping’, has become so widespread that the verb ‘to vape’ made it into the Oxford English Dictionary as the word of 2014, and there are celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio who have been photographed enjoying their own ecigs, making it clear that this is something that is very much on trend. But why are ecigs and vaping so popular?

A Healthier Alternative for Cigarette Smokers

Ecigs are a product that is aimed at people who currently smoke cigarettes. It offers a healthier way to get your nicotine fix than lighting up and inhaling all the tar and other bad things in tobacco smoke, and is generally considered more enjoyable than using patches or gum to help quit. Even people who are not trying to quit smoking and wean themselves off of nicotine are beginning to use vaping as an alternative to smoking tobacco, however. Even by replacing just some of your daily cigarettes with an ecig you can begin to get some health benefits, but also, it can be more convenient and attractive to vape.

Why Vaping Gives Smokers More Choice

When you vape instead of smoking conventional cigarettes, you have a lot more choice in terms of the flavor of what you are inhaling. You can choose delicious flavors like coconut, apple or cherry, or get a vape liquid that tastes like a normal cigarette or a menthol. All of these eliquids smell far less intrusive than tobacco smoke and will not make your hair, breath and clothes smell of smoke (because no actual smoke is released). They also won’t stain your teeth or fingers, meaning making the switch will make you look and smell nicer right off the bat. Check out the website here to see some of the cool varieties of ecig device and eliquid you could be using instead of forking out for cigarettes.

Vaping Gives Smokers More Freedom

Smoking has been made to feel downright antisocial because of the bans on doing it in most public places. All over the country, people have to huddle out on the street to enjoy a cigarette, and are forced into withdrawal on long journeys. This is annoying, but also makes sense, given that secondhand smoke has been shown to be harmful to public health. With vaping, you are not creating any secondhand smoke, and while it is not permitted everywhere (some administrations have banned it in certain public spaces because it looks like smoking), you will find you have a lot more options in terms of where you can vape than where you can smoke.

Vaping is popular because it tastes good, is convenient, and offers a way to help smokers quit that is enjoyable in its own right. The trend is set to continue, so if you are a smoker, why not try vaping instead for a healthier, more socially appealing alternative!

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