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How to Attract Kids to Your Clinic – 10 Ideas for Dentists

How to Attract Kids to Your Clinic – 10 Ideas for Dentists

Kids benefit greatly from visiting a dentist. They need quality dental care most during their developing years. Children are the lifeblood of a thriving practice. It takes special techniques to attract kids to your dental clinic. Here are 10 strategies that always work.

1. Bribe Them with Gifts

Kids are not too complicated to deal with. When they visit you, make sure to give them a surprise gift. That takes always some of the scariness associated with going to the dentist and makes them want to come back.

2. Entertain Them

Having an area for the children to wait for their appointment with a few toys and appropriate TV programming is always a wise choice. If the children are having fun before their appointment, they’ll be less anxious overall. That means they will associate a visit more with having fun than being upset.

3. Focus on Fun

Kids have different priorities than adults. Fun is always on the top of their list. Anything you can do to make visiting your office fun is advisable. Toys, TV, and brochures in the office should all have familiar themes that kids can instantly relate to.

4. Don’t Be Scary

Put yourself in the shoes of a child visiting a pediatric dental office. It can be strange and scary. Familiarity is a way to remove fear and anxiety. Having some familiar toys or characters they’re used to around the office can calm their nerves greatly.

5. Keep Your Speech Simple

Avoid jargon at all costs. There’s no need to go into great technical detail with your language. Children have not developed their language skills yet. Use words that they understand and simple concepts to convey your message.

6. Use Targeted Brochures

Design brochures specifically for children, so they feel special. These handouts can serve as powerful tools to bring them back again for future visits. Explain your procedures using pictures and words they understand. Speak with the people at Accelerate My Practice for more ideas.

7. Keep Them Calm

Children get upset at the dentist’s office. Throughout time dentists have used every trick in the book to keep them calm, including puppets and funny voices. Develop tactics to make their visit relaxing.

8. Reward Good Behavior

When a kid acts well during a visit, make sure to reward her. If she was quiet and did not get nervous, tell her how brave she was and give her a souvenir of the visit. Small touches like this go a long way towards gaining confidence of kids and their parents.

9. Don’t Forget Office Decor

Decorate your office so kids know they’re welcome. If your entire practice is geared towards pediatric care, you can really deck it out with items kids love. If you have a mixed practice, dedicate a small section or certain touches that let children know they’re welcome.

10. Have Comfortable Furniture

Kids need smaller furniture than adults! Make sure you have at least a few specific chairs and tables for the little ones. The best practice is to keep kids happy from the time they get to your office until they leave. That starts with a design that is kid friendly, fun, and safe.

Attracting kids to your practice is about making a safe environment where they know they’re welcome. You can always market to their parents using standard techniques like offering a free examination. Once they get to your office, both the parents and the children will realize that you’re the type of dentist they can trust.

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