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5 Challenges of Ageing to Be Aware of

Ageing is an inevitable part of life and as we enter our senior years our bodies start to slow down, resulting in a number of challenges. Although you may not wish to dwell on this, it does help to at least be aware of these issues so that you can do what you can now to stay in optimum health as you get older. Here are five of the main challenges of ageing to be aware of.

1. Arthritis

Millions of people over the age of 50 suffer from arthritis. It is a condition that causes pain and swelling of joints which makes movement painful and difficult. It’s not always possible to prevent the onset of this condition. However, you can reduce your chances of developing arthritis by maintaining a healthy weight. This is because being overweight puts pressure on your joints. Regular exercise, both cardio and strengthening, will also help to protect your joints from wear and tear.

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2. Obesity

It has been estimated that around three-quarters of Americans over the age of 60 are overweight or obese. Obesity can raise your chances of developing many conditions like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your life. If you are having any trouble maintaining a healthy weight, you should contact your doctor for advice. In the first place, you will be advised to follow a specific diet and exercise regime.

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3. Dysphagia

Dysphagia is the difficulty or inability to swallow. While this condition is not exclusive to the elderly, it has been recorded that around 40 per cent of adults over 60 in America are living with some form of swallowing condition. There are many potential causes of dysphagia, and not all of them can be prevented. However, you should be aware of this challenge of ageing so that you can seek appropriate treatment before the condition worsens. There are effective treatments for this condition. These include speech language pathology and food thickening agents that make it easier to swallow.

4. Cancer

As you age, your risk of developing different forms of cancer increases. Doctors usually recommend that people over the age of 40 attend regular check-ups and screenings so that problems can be detected early on. One of the most serious forms of cancer, in terms of deaths, is lung cancer. So, giving up smoking will significantly reduce your chances of developing this condition.

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5. Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart conditions, including heart disease, stroke and hypertension, account for the most number deaths in the US. Most of the time, these deaths could have been avoided with a healthier lifestyle. Many studies have shown that men and women who lead a healthy lifestyle are at a much lower risk of developing a heart condition in later life.

As you can see, there are a number of health challenges we face as we age. But by being aware, getting regular checkups and screenings and making healthy lifestyle choices you will be doing the best that you can to look after yourself.

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