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Burners from Hopi Direct Relieve You from Intense Pain

If you are suffering from pain, prolonged prescription medication can be one of your worst enemies. Though these offer you temporary relief, they often leave behind even grievous side effects. The answer to your problem lies in therapeutic remedies that have been practiced across hundreds of years and help in curing pain and healing wounds. Hopi Direct ( United Kingdom’s leading online therapeutic store sells Moxa burners one of the best non-invasive ways of treating pain. Moxibustion or heat therapy is an ancient healing therapy that has been practiced by the Chinese for hundreds of years and is gaining huge popularity all over the world. This is similar to acupuncture with one major difference being the fact that this treatment doesn’t involve the use of any needles. Let us now take a closer look at how Moxa burners offer you relief from intense pain.


One Therapy Many Cures

Chinese have relied on this pain relief technique to cure pain arising out of a variety of reasons. Whether the pain is due to arthritis of has been caused by an injury Moxa treatment is the perfect cure. It targets the root cause of the problem instead of offering you mere immediate pain relief. This therapy is also being used in treatment of gynaecological and obstetrical conditions and known to help in breech presentation in late term pregnancy. Apart from pain relief this treatment is also known to cure many other health ailments. It increases the blood cell count which strengthens the immune system in your body and thus shields it against cold and flu and prevents their regular occurrence. This has led to many practitioners refer to it as wonder treatment.

Experience Magical Relief

Moxa burners are placed on the surface of the affected area at specific points through which energy flows. In this treatment controlled heat is provided depending on the seriousness of the condition. When they are burned the heat warms the blood and stimulates the flow qi (the life force as the Chinese refer to them) in the body.The unique penetrating heat radiates along a specific channel from the site of application and helps in improving the flow of positive energy within the energy channels. You would immediately experience relief from pain as it revitalizes the energy system with your body and promotes your body’s natural ability to heal. This therapy can easily be performed at home with little help from a friend or a family member but performing it under the observation of a professional practitioner is advisable for the first time.

Hopi Direct offers you a wide choice of Moxa burners and rolls which are completely handmade using organic materials. These contain herbs that apart from relieving you from pain also help in curing the root cause of pain. They deal in a wide range of burners made from a variety of materials that include stainless steel, wood and pure copper. You can also shop for Moxa rolls that come in a variety of scent and fragrances that also offer you an experience of aromatherapy.

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