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Understanding Liposuction and Revealing Your Beauty Potential

Understanding Liposuction and Revealing Your Beauty Potential

The modern world has provided women with a standard of beauty that includes having a perfectly contoured body along with a flawless facial appearance. This is the reason why more and more women nowadays are searching for ways to improve their appearance. Aside from natural remedies, liposuction has paved its way into the trendy solutions for eliminating fats and undesirable body curves. Inasmuch as this treatment has flourished the world, there are still women out there who might not have understood yet what this is all about.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a medical procedure that utilizes suction in order to remove undesirable body fat. The process involves the use of tubes or cannula and inserted in the skin. The tubes flush these fats out from deposits under the skin. In the past, this process has been feared by women as it sounds painful and unsafe. However, in recent times, there are improvements to the procedure and the process became easier, safer and more tolerable in terms of pain results.

Improvements in the Procedure

Since the science of medicine is a continuous process of development, liposuction has evolved into something rejuvenating and promising in terms of achieving a woman’s quest for beauty. In fact, more patients are opting to seek a chance to undergo the procedure especially that Seattle liposuction surgery has become more affordable, reliable and achievable with the following options:

  • Laser-Assisted Procedure – In this technique, low energy light waves are utilized to liquefy the fat in the body. This makes it easier for the cannula to flush it out.
  • Tumescent Liposuction – Contrary to the belief that the procedure is painful, tumescent lipo utilizes local anesthetic in order to numb the area of the body with fat deposits. From then, a mixture of epinephrine and lidocaine is injected in the area where the suction will be done. In this process, the patient does not need to be asleep.
  • Ultrasound-assisted procedure – There are areas of the body which may be subject to difficulty when it comes to eradicating the fat deposits. In this procedure, ultrasound is used to eliminate the fat in the sides, back and upper abdomen areas.

The Treatment Results

After the process, patients should expect to undergo skin bruising, pain and swelling. Cosmetic surgeons use tapes and bandages to cover the bruises and support hose for those who have undergone varicose vein treatment. Aside from these, patients also utilize firm-fitting girdle and garments especially made to keep the areas tucked. After three to four weeks of recuperation, a patient is expected to do her normal activities with caution.

Benefits and Efficiency

Liposuction is never viewed as a treatment to obesity but is a great remedy when it comes to treat conditions like enlargement of breasts for males, lipomas or fatty tumors, lipodystrophy, and excessive sweating in some areas especially the armpit. Usually the face, buttocks, abdomen, legs, back, upper arms and neck are the primary targets of the procedure.

What Women Should Realize

Liposuction is not a good substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. It was conceived to help women eliminate some undesirable stored body fats. Liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries in general are just aids to attaining and revealing your beauty potential. The biggest part of improvement lies in implementing healthy lifestyle and discipline.

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