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A Guide to Dealing with Snoring In a Healthy Way

So, your partner snores incessantly every night. They keep you up all night, every night – no exaggeration. You are angry and exhausted and most probably at your wits end with them. But, before you lash out at them, remember that they can’t help it and that they aren’t doing it on purpose.

To help you deal with your partner’s snoring in the right way, we have put together a handy guide below.

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Talk to them about their Snoring

While you may have mentioned it in passing, they may not realise just how bad the situation has become. Take the time to sit them down and have a proper conversation with them about their snoring and how it is affecting you.

No matter how exhausted you are or how much sleep you have lost, remember to talk to them sensitively. Your partner may be caught off guard and feel vulnerable; a little hurt and perhaps even a bit embarrassed.

If your partner is quite sensitive, use humor to bring up snoring with them. If you and your partner can laugh about the problem together, it will ease the tension between you.

Find a Cure or Treatment

Once you have discussed your partner’s snoring issues, talk to them about finding a way to prevent their snoring. With so many different anti snoring devices on the market today, it can be hard to know where to start.

Start by making an appointment for a consultation with your doctor and find out what devices come recommended.

Whilst you may want the first treatment you try to work straight away, be prepared to be patient. Everyone is different, and so the treatments that work for different people are different too.

As well as trying out snoring treatment devices, making some lifestyle changes may also help prevent your partner’s snoring.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Snoring can be caused by fatty tissue in the back of the throat. So, it makes sense that anyone who snores loses some weight and see if their snoring decreases. Even losing two or three pounds may help, so it is worth a try.

Taking part in regular exercise can also help to decrease your partner’s snoring habits. By toning up your arms and legs, you will also be toning up the muscles in your throat, reducing the saggy tissue and hopefully reducing your snoring.

If your partner is a smoker then it might be time for them to think about giving up. Smokers have a much higher risk of snoring as the smoke from the cigarettes causes the throat’s airways to become blocked by irritated membranes.

Try not to drink alcohol before bed, as this will relax the muscles in the throat and make them more likely to sag and cause snoring.

It might sound bizarre but creating a regular sleep schedule can help to minimise your snoring. Set a nightly bedtime and make sure to go to bed at the same time each night.

Whilst in bed, avoid sleeping on your back, instead sleep on your side to help minimise your snoring.

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