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Things They Didn’t Tell You about Designer Sunglasses

Things They Didn’t Tell You about Designer Sunglasses

Whether you are casually strolling on the beach or driving in direct sunlight, there are certain things you need to know about designer sunglasses and how wearing them can be beneficial to your eye health.

As a word of caution, it is important to know that wearing sunglasses all the time can actually be harmful. Did you know that your eyes have built-in receptors that trigger the absorption of Vitamin D once the sunlight is being detected? By wearing sunglasses most of the time you block vital UV rays from reaching your eyes, which in turn will prevent Vitamin D absorption.

On the other hand, regularly exposing your eyes without wearing designer sunglasses for protection will certainly cause some serious damage and even permanent damage in the long run. However, not just any pair of sunglasses will do. Cheap sunglasses cause more harm than good. Doing so may result in permanent damage to your retina.

Why Wearing Designer Sunglasses Is a Good Idea

While UV protection is something we often hear about, there are some benefits in wearing decent sunglasses that you may not be aware of. Let us take a closer look at some of them.

Reducing Glare – Drivers find that sunglasses from well-known brands allow proper vision whilst driving. Besides, staring into the sun is not fun and often results in accidents on the road due to impaired visibility.

Prevent Jet Lag – Experts made some useful recommendations by saying you should wear designer sunglasses while on board an airplane. It is not just to look cool, but help minimize exposure to bright UV light while traveling and contrary to popular believe, it may even alter your biological clock so you do not have to content with jet lag the day after your flight.

Wraparound sunglasses may prevent dry eyes. Due to all sorts of environmental factors, some people experience various dry-eye symptoms. This is especially the case in windy and dry climates. Wearing designer wrap around glasses serves to protect your eyes from wind and dust entering it.

Reduced Eye Strain and Squinting – We tend to squint a lot when facing direct sunlight, which in turn will lead to wrinkles around our eyes much earlier than expected. Proper sunglasses will prevent this from happening.

Of course, the primary reason most of us wear designer sunglasses is to simply be cool and glamorous; most people find that it boosts their confidence. Therefore, make sure you carry yours with you wherever you go.

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