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More Science, Less Fiction – Google Smart Contact Lenses

More Science, Less Fiction – Google Smart Contact Lenses

Google’s smart contact lenses technology is among the latest vital technologies in human health. It uses sensors sandwiched between two soft layers to measure glucose level among in the wearer’s tears and transmit the information wirelessly to a smartphone. The technology is very important as it ensure regular checkup without the need of painful blood test.

Apart from assisting the diabetics to manage the disease, the technology can also be modified to reduce the vision loss that occur nears with age. Through combination of the Google’s expertise in the miniaturized technology with certain manufacturing resources, it is possible to create disposable contacts lenses that can restore the natural autofocus of the eye on near objects.

Novartis has also proposed another option to glasses and contact lenses that make use of intraocular lenses, which can be inserted permanently into the eye to correct vision. The Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, reported that their dream is to use the latest technology in the miniaturization of electronics improve the quality of life for millions of people.

Google Smart Contact Lenses Features

The contact lenses house a sensor, which has a capability of measuring the level of glucose in tears. A tiny pinhole in the lenses monitor the glucose level in the tears fluids and send regular readings to smart phones. Resend report say that the system has a capability of obtaining the level of reading once in every second.

It also features a tiny antenna, capacitor and controller, which ensure that any gathered information from the lens are send from the eye to a device such as handheld monitor, where data are read and analyzed. It draws its power from the device and communicates using RFID technology.

Given that the data gathered by the sensor are sensitive, security is necessary. Google lenses make sure that any data transferred from the lens are insulated from malice who may want to alter the readings, something that may lead to fatal consequences if patient inject the wrong amount of insulin. The disposable contacts lens system has also build to safeguards against other kinds of problems such as building a circuit-breaker to prevent the lenses from overheating.

Although Google include expertise who has deep knowledge of biotech who game up with smart contact lens project, the project it still new in the market. The company is working closely with the US Drug administration to find out how to bring the product into the market. Most people has recommended the use of these disposable contacts lens system has it does not involve painful experience, efficient, and secure.

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