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How Healthcare has Changed in Last 10 Years in USA

How Healthcare has Changed in Last 10 Years in USA

10 years back U.S. healthcare was a black hole with no end to show where the money is going. The hospital industry has evolved continuously for the last decade. It has streamlined and evolved drastically in terms of patient care. Gradually the entire system has become prevention oriented. Till now we used to have small nursing homes with very few big hospitals. Now the concept has experienced a change totally. The nursing centers have evolved into spacious health care centers with state of the art infrastructure, latest machines, and five star hotel room type luxury care options. The most popular health care centers in U.S.A. are at Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, Kansas, and Utah.

Here is a brief description as to how the industry has evolved in a decade.

  1. Racial Discrimination: Till today the racial discrimination is prevalent all over America. In 90s it was even more so such that the hospitals were different for different races. Some hospitals only used to treat or take patients of certain color while others had certain floors dedicated to high society patients. Right now the situation has improved a lot with at least racial segregation being totally moved out of the healthcare industry.
  2. Advancement in stem cell research: For centuries we have had banks only for keeping our valuables, investing our money, and seeking financial help. But now thanks to the brilliant scientists we have been able to store the stem cells of newly born babies too. Use of stem cells is revolutionary. It can help grow entire organs from ground. It not only helps the owner of the stem cells but also is useful for the entire blood related family.
  3. Target Cancer Therapies: Cancer has been connected with the doom of the patient. Till now we had chemotherapies and radiation treatments as the only way to block the spread of cancer. They attacked unhealthy cells and healthy cells too. Now with target cancer therapies we have faster way to control cancer. They control the spread of cancer either by blocking or by killing the cancer cells.
  4. Advancement in the growth of pharmaceuticals: They play a valuable role in the health care industry. The investment in the pharmaceutical industry has actually risen up. There is an evident growth in dedicated research centers for the medicinal developments and number of schools for training pharmaceutical technicians and doctors.
  5. Research to extend the HIV positive patient’s survival rate: The introduction of HAART or highly active antiretroviral therapy has stretched an AIDS patient life by decades. In this type of treatment drugs are combined in various combinations. Now a 25 year old patient can expect to live till seventies and look just fine.

These are some trivial ways in which the healthcare industry has changed dramatically in just a decade. One cannot just give the entire credit to research. This industry has become an integral part of the economical growth of U.S.A. It has helped in solving the all time prevalent unemployment issue in America as well. Learning centers like Missouri schools which have played a key role in making expert pharmacists for this sector.

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