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Uses and Safety Information of Moxa Burners

Uses and Safety Information of Moxa Burners

Moxa burners are used in Moxibustion by the trained practitioners and physicians all over the world. Moxa made using mugworts, is used for moxibustion, it is basically used to warm the meridian points of the body and helps in treating all ‘cold’ related conditions of the body, which means ‘yang deficiencies’ in Chinese medicines. So, if you complain about dampness or cold in your body, it can be treated using moxibustion. If you are sensitive to smoke, then you can get your moxibustion treatment done using smokeless moxa (which is similar to the traditional moxa, except that; it does not produce smoke).

Moxibustion is considered quite effective and is similar to acupuncture (except for the heat induced), this soothing treatment helps people struggling with asthma to a great extent. So, if you or anybody close to you is struggling with asthma or any other problem related to it; then, why not give a try to Moxibustion? It is also said to be very effective in treating problems like chronic ‘deficient conditions’ or in other words ‘weakness’. Moxibustion as a treatment is preferred over acupuncture in the patients who complain of weakness, this is because acupuncture can lead to over leakage of energy in these patients resulting in more weakness that is harmful to their body.

There are certain safety precautions you must take and consider when you decide to undergo this treatment. It is necessary to take these precautions seriously. Some of these precautions are listed below –

  • The first and foremost point you must consider is that when you or anybody else is undergoing moxibustion then see to it that the treatment is administered only under the supervision and direction of a qualified practitioner.
  • Make sure that the products that are being used to administer the treatment are not damaged in any possible way, use only superior grade products.
  • If you are the practitioner, make sure that the patient communicates any type of uncomfortable feelings during the procedure.
  • If the patient is uncomfortable due to the heat sensation then remove the moxa burner/ stick immediately, and treat the affected area, since it can lead to blisters and redness of the skin.
  • Make sure that the patient is not unattended during the session,
  • Moxa should never be used on sensitive skin; specially, on the face, on infants, on children or on those who are unable to decipher heat or cold due to nerve damage, the patient’s medical history should be checked thoroughly in order to avoid this.
  • When using moxa with needles, make sure to use protective barrier (aluminum foil) beneath the needles on the skin to avoid skin burns due to the falling ash.
  • The ash on moxa rolls should be removed on a regular basis by tapping the ash into an ashtray.
  • Apply burn cream before beginning the treatment; this will help in protecting the patient’s skin.
  • Make sure that the patient’s skin is dry and not wet, before the moxa burner/ stick is brought close to the skin.
  • Ask the patient if he/she is comfortable with smoke, if not administer smokeless moxa.

These little points if kept in mind and obeyed will help in administering the treatment with care and concern, resulting in utmost satisfaction. So, go ahead and treat your problems, the effective way.

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