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A Veterinarian Job Is A Great Way to Serve the Planet While Treating the Animals

All pet owners know the importance of a veterinarian in their pet’s life. They are first person we run to whenever our pet seems to be in trouble. However, we fail to realise that a good veterinarian is not only taking care of our pet’s life but our life as well.


Importance of a Veterinarian In Our Life: Those of us who are not pet owners or animal lovers might not give enough importance to a vet’s work. They might feel that these specialists are only there to treat sick and injured animals. The reality however differs.

A vet’s profession is not only very noble, but important as well. They treat our much-loved domestic pets that are like a family member to us. In addition to that, they also treat the animals in the wild, which are injured or caught by poachers. They treat them and then release them back to the wild.

A career as a veterinarian is not only very interesting for all those animal lovers, but also very lucrative as well. These specialists are much in demand and the 2014 veterinary tech salary is comparative to other very high paying professions. This profession is very rewarding and satisfying as well. There is a huge demand of specialised vets not only for the treatment of animals, but in food and health industry as well.

Responsibilities of a Veterinarian: While a veterinarian’s main responsibility is towards the animals, but in doing so, they are actually doing a huge service to all human beings and the planet as well.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • They diagnose and treat all domestic animals for a range of diseases and injuries.
  • They vaccinate animals and also treat them for natural ailments that otherwise make the life of these animals difficult, like bladder stones, deformed legs etc.
  • A dog, who has not been vaccinated for rabies might infect other humans. So, by keeping the pets free of infectious diseases, they are keeping us disease free as well.
  • They inspect the meat and other poultry products before they are marketed for consumption by humans. These food safety inspectors are doing a huge service to the society.
  • They ensure that the livestock is kept in good sanitary conditions, so that they are free of diseases and germs that can be passed on to humans.

They check for any outbreak of diseases in humans that might have been cause due to animal infection. They then help in development of new medical technologies and drugs. This way they are responsible for stopping the next plague from engulfing the entire planet.

It has been observed that animals are the first ones to get affected due to changes in the atmosphere. Even before humans realise these changes it might affect them as well, animals would fall sick, show signs of malnutrition or leave that area. Vets who closely observe these animals can easily spot these signs and issue early warning signals.

This noble and much in demand profession is another way of serving the society. So, all animal lovers can actually think of getting it on your own trained as veterinarians and start treating these adorable animals and serve the society.

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