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5 Health And Fitness Myths That Won’t Go Away

5 Health And Fitness Myths That Won’t Go Away

It is hard to trust everything you read or hear. Still you have not touched a finger chip in ages or taken the bite of that cheesy pizza slice without a pang of guilt in your stomach. In fact many of you have come to believe that only food and drinks with low fat/fat free/skimmed printed all over make for an appropriate meal to stay fit and healthy.

Following are the most prevailing myths originated from gut feelings and ideas regarding fitness and health. Some of them are even based on facts proven by scientific research in the last few decades but have been nullified by the latest studies. Keep on reading to be surprised about how different the truth is from what is believed to be true.

Do not drink water while exercising: Generally people used to believe earlier that by drinking water in between exercising can lead to weight gain. It is a wrong notion. By sipping water throughout your fitness regime helps you stay energized and hydrated.

The more heated the work-out, the better: People believe that more you sweat the faster you lose weight. The truth is that going for an intense work out is good as long as one does not overdo it. There is a very fine line between the two. Your workout session should not be so slow that you can chat or talk easily. And it should not be so fast that you start panting even if you open your mouth very slightly.

Your cardio machine knows it all: It is absolutely ridiculous to believe whatever your machine has to say on your heart rate, calories burned, etc. How can it be same for all? Different people have different body compositions. You may observe that it never asks for the information, like your height, weight, sex, and age. Hence, for sure, it is generalized information and absolutely unreliable too.

Fatty items are an absolute no-no: You do not need to eat fast foods like pizza, burger, and noodles but you cannot ignore carbohydrates totally. Take whole wheat breads and multigrain rice instead. They are essential for your body strength and physical activity. You can also surf through Slimming Today website and find various healthy diet solutions for your weight loss and fitness routine.

Calories are calories, no matter where they come from: That is a false impression people have made to get an excuse to eat whatever they want to. You just cannot choose to switch an apple for a small piece of your favorite chocolate and say it is all the same thing. The nutritious value of both the products is totally different.

There are several ways to lose weight and stay healthy. The trick is to find the right ones from the wrong. You will find loads of different options available online. Some are also told to you by the people who you come across in your daily life. Most of them have knowledge in this field but it is all tainted with the long believed stories and myths. Before you believe a myth, do your research, so that you do not follow and give birth to another one.

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