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Check Out the Meatless High Protein Food to Remain Slim and Fit

Proteins are the most essential nutrient required by your body. Their function is to repair the muscles and supply the energy required. According to experts, our body cannot perform any activity in the absence of proteins. If you wish to build strong biceps and tone your arms, you must include proteins in your diet.


As you will consume proteins, it will breakdown into small amino acids. Further, your muscles and your blood will absorb these amino acids. Approximately your body requires at least eight grams of proteins for every one kilogram of your weight. Food items like beef, chicken, pork and others are the main source of proteins. However, if you do not want to consume meat, you could consider eating 100% vegetarian food items.

Healthy Edamame

Most of you might order edamame before a sushi dinner. However, there are many reasons you must upgrade this delicious appetizer to your low calorie and low fat dinner. Every cup of edamame is high in proteins. Moreover, the beans have good amount of fiber. If you take one cup of edamame, you are consuming 16 grams of proteins. To increase the nutritious value of the dish, you could steam the pods rather than boiling them.

The small chias seeds are are high in proteins. They have good amount of omega 3 acids and fiber. Only a single serving of chia seeds could provide you calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron etc. You could take two tablespoons of chia seeds to consume 9.4 grams of proteins and fiber. You could mix these seeds in smoothies and jams to make your food more nutritious and interesting.

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How Lentils Could Help You

Lentils are good vegetarian snacks. They have been in the market since past several decades, but that certainly does not decrease their value. These flavorful beans are high in fiber and vitamin B. The best thing about lentils is that they are good for your heart and reduces the risk of heart attack. Every cup of lentil has at least 18 grams of fiber. It is better not to add salt or other spices while cooking these lentils. You could consume it as it is. It will maintain the crunchiness of lentils.

Greek yoghurt is a creamy dish, which is high in proteins and low in fats. One serving of this dish has as much as 18 grams of proteins. You have to be really careful while buying this Greek yoghurt. You must avoid flavored yoghurt, as they are high in fats and sugar.

How Important Is Tempeh

Mostly all the vegetarians love the texture of tempeh. Soy- bean is the main ingredient of tempeh. It is a great substitute to meat sandwiches and meat burgers. If you have half cup of tempeh, you will be consuming at least 15.4 grams of proteins. You could add a little amount of soy sauce to add flavor to your dish.

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