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Free Beauty Product Samples – How to Get Them and Make the Best Out Of It

Who doesn’t like getting freebies? Every woman likes to try beauty product samples to pamper her and also to go with it, if she likes any. If you are searching for a suitable product for yourself, but cannot decide, then a free sample session is the way to go. You get to try many products of different brands, and you can choose or reject according to your needs.


Now, the question is where you will get these free samples for you to try on yourself. Here are some tips to find these freebies or free samples:-


Women’s magazine is your best catch. They always have various offers going on for women. Top brands whenever they launch any new product tend to give out samples for free to attract customers. Mostly, you wouldn’t have to subscribe to anything, as the offers are printed out in the hard copy of the magazine. You just have to go to an outlet of the particular brand and get it done.

Sample Sites

There are many online sites offering free samples by mail, you just need to check out the products available with them and sign up for a free sample session. These samples usually take 2-4 weeks to reach your door step, but it is worth the wait. You cannot just choose something randomly that affects your skin or eyes. You can try as many products or brands, as you like if you are actually looking for a change from your regular beauty products.

Just Ask

Whenever you enter any makeup counter, you wait for the sales person to offer you the free samples. Even if they are not offering, just ask them for a sample. You are the person, who has to use the product, so you might as well try it before buying. Try as many brands as you wish, so that you have plenty of options to choose from. Finally select one that suits you the best or is convenient according to your needs and necessities.

Online Competition

Internet is quite popular these days. There are hundreds of online competitions offering gift hampers and free samples to the winner. If you are willing to and have patience to get into a competition, you can try your luck and win anything such as free samples, cash money, or gift hampers from trusted brands.


Journalists or critics are paid to write reviews about products and services they try on. If you are looking for a career in journalism and you choose beauty products, as your field, then you do not have to pay for the samples. You can try on as many as you like.

Beauty products are quite important to enhance your look. However, you need to take care to purchase products that do not affect your skin and eyes. You should not settle for something that is not safe and suitable for you.

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