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Top Most Functions of a Pharmacy Technician – Explain by Frank Dellaglio

Choice of the right profession enables an individual to shine in his or her career and has great potentials throughout the life of a person. It is not an easy job for you. You should have aims and goals at the time of pursuing the relevant courses of study that helps you to make the best decisions in the field of career. People invest money and time on their studies and hence one should get back the same by way of rewards with the best choice of profession. The above is applicable also if you want to opt for the career of a Frank Dellaglio as Pharmacy Technician. Now let us see what Exactly Do They Do.



In this article I am going to explore and explain the job description that needs specifications and qualifications that can enable one to become a Pharmacy Technician. You want to become a Pharmacy Technician means that you should understand the meaning of the term and What Exactly Do They Do. Here you should know clearly the difference between a pharmacist and a Pharmacy Technician. In order to become a pharmacist one needs a degree where as a Pharmacy technician need not be in possession of such degrees and the requirements and responsibilities are not the same. So a pharmacy technician’s job is to assist the pharmacist with job responsibilities which you can consider as one step higher than that of a pharmacist aid.


Now Frank Dellaglio would like to discuss the job title into two aspects as follows:

  1. The job of a Pharmacy Technician needs a working knowledge of various drugs and medicines. The main reason is such knowledge helps him to manage the shops or hospitals when the pharmacist is on leave or absent from the location. So in order to handle the various pharmacy operations a technician is expected to possess basic knowledge about the medicines and drugs.
  2. If you consider the job from technical aspect also then you need to possess organizational skills so that you can carry out the various operations like labeling the medicine bottles and categorizing them under the right name or group. Small errors can result in negative effects on the health of a patient.
  3. Capacity to handle more number of customers and patients who seek the help of the pharmacy technicians.
  4. Technician acts as an assistant to pharmacist who with their competency, training and skills suggest for alternative brands for off the counter medicines but the medicines are prescribed with the sole responsibility of the licensed pharmacist.
  5. Other tasks include billing and payments, answering phone calls, arrangement of stock shelves and other clerical duties.



The above are the general task performed by a Pharmacy Technician. The job responsibility of a pharmacy technician may vary based on the needs of the health sector and the pharmacy business. I would like to quote an example where in technicians are assigned the work of handling the orders sent through the courier and it is the responsibility of the technician to fulfill the requirements with actual counting, weighing and mixing of the prescribed medicines. If you work as a technician in a hospital you may be assigned the task of keeping and maintenance of the files of patients also in addition to the other main tasks.

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