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Gain Higher Consciousness by Getting close To Nature’s Healing Plant – the Ayahuasca

Getting spiritual stability and higher mental consciousness are the main aspect of complete wellbeing. A sense of complete wellbeing includes physical, mental and emotional stability and happiness.

Ayahuasca is known to provide you a pleasant feeling by internal healing. If you are also thinking of getting rid of all worries in your life, you can consider attending Ayahuasca ceremony. Read further to discover some interesting facts about Ayahuasca and its ceremonies.


What Is Ayahuasca Ceremony?

Ayahuasca is a plant found in the forest of Amazon. Drinking its extract in the presence of an expert shaman to get spiritual connections and mental healing is called Ayahuasca ceremony.

A general Ayahuasca ceremony includes a group of five to six people per shaman. You can also get the personal benefits, but you have to spend more. In order to completely heal your body, you need to attend at least six such ceremonies.

Benefits of Ayahuasca Ceremonies

These ceremonies are famous because of the tremendous benefits they provide. Some of the most common benefits are given here.

  • Mental stability
  • Internal as well as external healing
  • A feeling of complete well being
  • Relief from grief, sadness and negative vibes
  • Modified and improved personality
  • Cure of several deadly disease

All these advantages are hard to find in today’s world. With a regular presence in ceremony, you can ensure that you get all these benefits.

What Does A Typical Ceremony Include?

There are many healing houses in Amazon and Peru like the Jungle Jeannie. Depending on which shaman has been invited, these workshops may include things such us:

  • Realigning with your inner self
  • Meeting your sole
  • Introduction to sacred plants and medications
  • Past life regression and future life progression
  • Dream works and parallel realities
  • Visionary art explorations
  • Body and mind yoga
  • Hemi synchronized mind machine relaxation
  • Guided meditations and visualizations
  • Interactive bio feedback “Wild Divine”
  • Documentaries or multimedia presentations
  • Healing
  • The final celebration

A typical workshop may continue for one week. The daily ceremony will ensure deep and complete healing.

How to Get Maximum Benefits?

You should follow some simple steps and keep the following things in your mind to get the best out of your Ayahuasca ceremony.

  • Stay away from charlatans and brujos. There are shamans, who use the spiritual tool against you. In the name of providing you the best experience, they can take away the one you already had.
  • Try to follow a detox diet plan well in advance and after the ceremony. This plan will include Ayurvedic foods and should exclude salt, spices, alcohol and dairy products.
  • Try to go in groups. A trustworthy companion will look after you during the entire healing process. Moreover, his presence will also act as a support during the ceremony.

Following these simple tips will help you in getting an extraordinary experience.


Try to stay away from scammers and brujos. It is always suggested to do a good research work beforehand.

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