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What to Look For In a Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Partner?

A reliable manufacturing partner certainly plays an important role in the supplement sector because of increasing overheads, accelerated competition and altering regulations adding to the importance of proficiency.

Consumers are shifting gears and moving towards supplements because it is a more holistic option to pharmaceuticals. This is the primary reason that the demand for dietary supplement has increased.

Why Do You Need A Manufacturing Partner?

The manufacturers implement the GMPs necessary during manufacturing, labeling, packaging, testing, validation and recordkeeping for compliance. GMPs give the manufacturer a possibility to improve internal processes as well as yield superior quality products.

There are expenses involved such as investments in equipments, personnel, analytics and others. All this is time-consuming and monetarily hard for companies that are interested to bring their products in the market.

Quality manufacturers are familiar with these necessities and their established process provides you an assurance that your new supplement will be safe, consistent, compliant and effective.

The decision to hire an MP must not be taken frivolously because he will be an essential part of the new product development before it reaches the market. He will have an access to formulas, packaging facts and ingredient suppliers. Therefore, it is necessary to select a reliable and reputable MP.


How to Find a Reliable MP

  • MP with experience knows the significance of GMP guidelines and formulates superior products, so he is reputable with wide acceptance.
  • Check their record for product recalls in the past and if they are clear means, they follow GMP guidelines.
  • If they provide product liability insurance, it is beneficial during the development phase happenings.
  • Ensure that your prospective MP regularly attends supplement trade shows, which indicates he is seriously committed to a legal procedure.
  • A legitimate MP will allow you to take a virtual tour around their facility, which helps you to make sure that the services promoted on their sites are genuine or not.
  • Call their customer service to find out their speed of respond, which indicates that their frontline operational structure is appropriate.
  • The facility must be GMP certified by 3rd party like NSF. TGA, NPA and other industry-recognized certifications indicates that the MP’s first priority is quality.
  • Make certain they have necessary ingredient on-hand, so that your new product is manufactured on time.
  • If the MP offers quality product with a price that is suitable to both then seal the deal.

Different kinds of services offered by MP besides making your new supplement are:

Labeling – High quality labels are necessary to convey the products benefits. The MP has a team that designs an attractive label that entices end-users.

Packaging – The MPs team provides you with best packaging options like temper-proof blister packaging (capsule or tablets), Bottle packaging (PET bottles, HDP bottles, custom colored bottles, bottles with variety of necks, sizes, shapes and materials) and folding carton packaging to suit your needs.

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