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Why You Need Basic First Aid Training?

As an employer it is important to ensure your personnel are health and safety aware, and where necessary health and safety trained. Some places of work will require more training than others, however all businesses should have at least one qualified first aider onsite at all times.

Providing health and safety training (formal or informal) can reduce the risk of accidents in the work place. Moreover should an accident occur – the risk to employees, customers or a client is significantly reduced.

Health and safety refresher courses can also be a huge benefit to the workforce. These courses cover the most important steps to prevent accidents in workplace and key actions in the event of trips, slips and the treatment of burns, fractured or broken bones and open wounds, including the recovery position and when to begin CPR.


Health and safety training is something that is often overlooked in the workplace, often regarded as an additional cost or unwarranted expense.
However, businesses that contribute to a safe work environment and safety conscious staff, often find that they save more long –term, due to a reduction in the number of accidents, and a reduction in the severity of accidents should they occur. Moreover investing in first aid gives employees a sense of importance and value to the company.

If you are considering an investment in first aid training for your employees why not endow in an FETAC level 5 – occupational first aid training course. This course is highly targeted at introducing industry standard health and safety policies to employees. The course covers standard reporting procedures, and key actions to be taken in the event that an employee becomes injured or even unconscious in the work place.

These courses are also used to highlight high risk areas and key actions to be taken to prevent accidents in the work place.
Each course is highly industry focused and ensures that employees and employers alike are alert to risks relevant to their workplace i.e. offices, restaurants, construction sites etc.

Although first aid training is something an employee is unlikely to forget, it is important that procedures and risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis.
This is particularly important in the event of building restructuring or building relocation to new premises.

With new work equipment, relocated equipment and restructured buildings comes new and increased risks – this is not because employees are unaware of surroundings but rather that employees are unfamiliar with the premises and location of high risk areas, machinery etc. As such it is important that employees be given formal / informal training with reference to new procedures, risks and actions in the event of premises or equipment relocation.

By investing in first aid training you can be sure that both long term employees and newly employed personnel are health and safety conscious and responsible.
Your employees, clients and customers will be at a reduced risk of accident occurrence and the severity of unavoidable accidents in the work place.

Moreover basic first aid training and courses allows for team bonding outside the traditional boundaries of the company. It allows employees to interact in a less formal environment and to build strong relationships by helping one-another with practical work. By investing in training for your employees you can instill a feeling of self -worth and value to the company, which will lead to loyal and happy employees, and a safer place of work for all.

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