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How to get Occupational First Aid Training from Experts

Occupational First Aid (FETAC level 5) is a 3 day First Aid course recognised by the Health and Safety Authority. There can be many questions surrounding the course and requirements. Many people look at the OFA 3 day course as daunting challenges, full of exams and assessments. Please believe me when I say it’s not that bad! Your course will be delivered by a qualified trainer full of First Aid knowledge and experience. They are there to help you through every bit of the way. I have listed some of the most common questions and answers below. As with all First Aid courses, the 1st question to ask is “Do I need this”? Your answer will probably be yes and that will lead to more question that need answered. I have found from experience that nearly every person/company/organisation that ask question one, will more than often require an Occupational First Aider in the premises.

I have taken part in many FETAC courses over the years and I have found the OFA course to be one of the most rewarding. To having a little piece of First Aid knowledge (or having none at all) and then to become a fully qualified Occupational First Aider is a great feeling. To be both competent and confident to meet any first aid challenge is something to be proud off. The positive feedback from the students on an OFA course is truly rewarding.


One part of the Occupational health and safety training that is commonly overlooked is the CFR (Cardiac First Responder) element of the course. This will allow the student to perform not only CPR on an adult, infant and child and also the use of and AED.

Most common questions and answers:

Q1 – Do I need an Occupational First Aider?
A1 – Consider the number of staff members, nature of work, size of premises etc and refer to your safety statement if in any doubt.

Q2 – Do I need to have a replacement for the Occupational First Aider if they are absent?
A2 – Yes, if the First Aider will be on planned absence. In exceptional circumstances, the employer can designate a person to act on behalf of the absent First Aider.

Q3 –Is the FETAC Level 5 qualification changing?
A3 – Yes. FETAC have merged with other departments and are changing the awards criteria and the FETAC level 5 award is classified as a Minor Award. The new merged body is now called QQI.

Q4 – When do I need to refresh my qualification?
A4 – You need to complete an OFA refresher course every 2 years from the date of your exam. FETAC do give a 3 month “grace” to complete your refresher course.

Q5 – After the refresher course will I receive a new FETAC/QQI certificate?
A5 – No. Only if you obtain a higher grade from your original grade. You will receive a certificate from the training organisation that you complete your refresher course with.

Q6 – Do I have to complete my refresher course with the same training organisation I completed my original OFA course with?
A6 – No. There are numerous training organisations and they should ask for proof of your original course.

In our everyday work life health and safety training is an important part.

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