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Top Most Important Work-Outs At Home for Losing Weight

Not everybody is blessed with the opportunity of hitting the gym every day. Looking at the fitness levels of the style icons, people normally think that staying fit and healthy is the purview of these fashionistas only and has nothing to do with the people having normal routine. But it is also possible to keep yourself fit by investing few minutes of your daily routine to the workouts that are designed for homebodies only.

Push-Ups – The Ultimate Fat Burner

This exercise is a complete work-out in itself. You can get your shoulders, chest, and abdominals trained to perfection with this exercise. There is no ideal number of push-ups recommended, but if you have not been thinking about working out since long, then start with 10 and perform as many as 30 till your body gets accustomed. The correct way of doing is lying on the stomach with legs stretched out and then pushing up the body till the hands are straightened out.


Modified Crunches for Home Work-Out

If you are not satisfied with the results got out of crunches, this modified version is worth trying. You need to make a V-up in this workout and roll your body to train the abdominal, shoulder, as well as chest muscles. Lie straight on your back and hands stretched above the head. Start raising legs towards the chest while they are straight and pull the chest region up while the hands try to reach the toes. This position is to be retained for few seconds before commencing on the next set.

Step-Ups for Working on Knees

Most of you avoid climbing stairs due to lack of time though it is a great work-out for calves and knee muscles. The homely version of this act is stepping up. Take a hard stool or choose the first flight of the staircase as your workout spot. Climb the stool, press the heel, and lift the other leg up. You can repeat doing it with single foot and then put the other foot through the same work out plan. This helps burn the fat around the knees to the maximum possible.

Balancing the Body in Plank Position

Balancing in certain position leaves anybody sweating more than what can be achieved by moving around. Plank is like a modified push up where you balance your body on your toes and shoulder blades. The head is facing down with legs straight and the elbows are just below the shoulder. Stay in this position for thirty seconds and repeat. You are keeping the abs tight and shoulder blades back and down for stressing the abdominals and shoulders. It is a great work out for shoulders and abs.

Your home can be a full-fledged gym minus the equipment provided you know how to stress your body in the correct manner.

Working out the body daily at home can fetch you two basic outcomes.

  • It brings a positive change in the way you look.
  • Your stamina to face a long hectic day is also improved.

Hence, try working out at home and feel the difference.

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