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Silica and Its Various Skins, Health and Other Benefits

What is Silica?Silica is a mineral which is the second most prevalent element in nature after oxygen and is one of the elements which our bodies need and without which it would be difficult to imagine life. Silica has widespread application in industries and according to many recent research works, it is supremely important for the health of humans. Silica is basically the chemical name of Quartz and is also referred to as silicon dioxide. It is a chemical compound that is a dioxide of silicon. It is commonly found in nature and also in many living organisms including humans.

As mentioned above, it would be difficult to imagine life without silica, so let’s find out what exactly are the silica benefits and what does it do for our bodies:

Silica Skin Benefits

The following are the major skin related benefits of silica:

  • The body uses silica to for collagen. Collagen is a protein which is much needed for the body as it helps to keep the skin from developing wrinkles.
  • Silica is also important for the body as it makes our skin appear youthful and our nails healthy.
  • Silica prevents excessive hair fall.
  • Silica slows down the degenerative process and the deficiency of this important mineral can speed up the aging process.


Other Silica Health Benefits

Silica has several other health benefits as mentioned below:

  • Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in the body and basically acts as a stabilizing force for humans.
  • The human body needs certain balance between the other elements present and without this balance, we would start facing hormonal problems and other severe health issues. What silica does is that it provides the much needed balance between calcium and magnesium and ensures that we do not suffer from hormonal issues.
  • Silica also helps in providing stabilization to arterial walls, bodily tissues and also membranes of the arteries as well.
  • One of the main health benefits of silica is that it helps the body to absorb calcium and this calcium in turn helps us to have strong and healthy bones.
  • Silica supplements are often recommended to those with a weak heart condition as silica helps to keep the walls of the arteries flexible and thereby prevents heart diseases.
  • Since silica has direct influence on the strength of your bones, it is very important for the skeletal system and its development process. Without silica, you can suffer from bone deformities as well.
  • The most important purpose of silica is of immune nature as it takes part in the manufacturing process of antibodies which fight off diseases. Silica also encourages
  • Silica helps in reducing or decreasing swelling because it tends to have positive effects on the lymphatic system.
  • It helps in the repair as well as the maintenance of some of the important and essential lung tissues and defends them from any kind of pollution or impurities.
  • Silica may even help in the prevention of the development of kidney stones and may even help in the healing process of the infection caused in the urinary track.
  • Silica can help in clearing up or averting diarrhea and also constipation.
  • Silica is a mineral which stimulates cell division and its metabolism.
  • One of the benefits of silica is that it can assist diabetes. It does so by encouraging the synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas.
  • Silica is good for the joints as it improves their elasticity and their mobility.
  • Silica helps in lowering lower back pain as well.

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