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Interesting Facts on How Secondary Rhinoplasty Helps to Reshape Your Nose

Nose surgeries have become very common in the present day as people are very particular about transforming their facial features to enhance their good looks. It is an interesting surgery that can do anything to add beauty and at the same time it is important the surgery is undertaken through a well certified and experienced surgeon to get the natural nose that exactly suits your face. A surgery that is done by a professional practitioner gives only minimal pain and doesn’t create any complications in the patient.

Reshaping Your Nose

Patients get ready for secondary rhinoplasty or rinoplastia secundaria when they do not get the desired results from rhinoplasty. Individuals meet different results due to the mistake of surgeons or due to the appearance after surgery. In most of the cases the reason for the secondary surgery is the patient’s preference to reshape or procedures to correct their nose due to their improper care after surgery.


Reshaping can be made by

• Making incisions inside the nose to change the shape
• Making incisions outside that are hidden
• Filling with silicone implant in dumps

Having complete idea about the secondary surgery is important for all patients. It is always good to check with a well known surgeon specialized in revision rhinoplasty to find out if surgery is required. You can know the complications associated with it and find out what best can be done to reshape your nose so that your facial features look gorgeous.

It is essential to note that the surgery doesn’t cause complications in functioning of your nose. When bones and cartilages are removed in some cases problems can arise or when the skin is too thin, it remains challenging to change the shape. You need to perform a lot of research and decide on what to do with the surgery. Any surgical procedure has its own risks. You need to be prepared mentally. However, when you choose to take up the surgery through a well trained surgeon, you can be relaxed. Keep in mind that you should always go for the surgery to get the natural look you desire. It remains a waste when you spend money and time in doing the surgery where your original appearance goes off.

Discuss with your surgeon what you actually expect from the surgery and the possibilities. It is always good to go after the guidance of surgeons to experience the desired results.

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