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Things You Need to Know Before going into Hypnotherapy.

Is Hypnotist and Hypnotherapists One and The Same Person?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness, can be self-induced, or aided by a guide. Hypnosis will enable people to a heightened sense of consciousness. In the hypnotic state, there is an increased capability to react to suggestions, evoke memories, achieve creativity, sensitise the mind to elusive things. It helps with pain management and therefore therapeutic. When hypnosis is used for the purpose of healing then it becomes hypnotherapy.

Hypnotist and hypnotherapist might appear one and the same but there are some significant differences between the two.

Hypnotist Hypntherapist
Hypnotist is the active director. He uses a directive approach. The hypnotee is passive, does not communicate once the stage is reached and does not interact. The hypnotherapist and the client interact with each other once the trance stage is reached. He uses a non directive approach.
The results are dependent on the client. No results are achieved without the individual. The results go beyond the client’s individual abilities. This is a process where the inputs of both parties are needed to co -create a process.
One way process Two way process

A HYPNOTIST brings about the hypnotic state with the consensus of the hypnotee and usually gives directives to the hypnotee. The hypnotist is the active director of the process and the client will usually be inactive and non-reciprocal .There is no two way communication. Whether just simple hypnosis is taking place of it is being used for therapy, nothing can happen without clients willingness. If the client resists from within to act to suggestions then hypnosis will be unsuccessful. Even in a hypnotic state the hypnotee as control over what he is willing to reveal and what he is willing to hide.


A hypnotherapist induces the trance like state; he starts a verbal conversation with the client. This makes hypnotherapy a two way communication instead of bottom down in the case of hypnotherapist. The client of a hypnotherapist might recall For instance, childhood memories to heal the trauma. The hypnotherapist aids the client in recalling details of the events of the trauma and then involves the client in re-parenting, reframing the event, or healing the traumatized inner child. The work of hypnotherapy goes way beyond the client’s abilities and willingness to respond to suggestions, because the client is co-creating the therapeutic process. The techniques used in hypnotherapy continue to be have effect even when the individual is out of the trance like state because this technique is based on sound principals. The hypnotic state assists the client in self healing in the sense that she can access an expanded sense of self, and can actually make use of the wisdom and creativity that remained dormant to sort out problems, increasing memory power.

Ensure the style that the hypnotist or hypnotherapist would use. Some use direct command, “Shut your eyes”, some will use a less directive technique like “shut your eyes when you feel comfortable”. Some will react to direct, the others will respond to a non directive suggestion while going into hypnosis.

The Use of Language is Critical

Sometimes a hypnotherapist will use positive suggestions and sometimes aversion techniques.

The degree of control is dependent on the therapist. She either might direct the hypnotee what to do or he allows the client to choose her path. Does she tell the hypnotee specifically what to do or experience in hypnosis, or does she empower the client to choose her own individual response? Does she superimpose her own motive for the hypnotee or she permits the client to choose her own path and refrain from obvious influencing the client’s process?

Not All Certificates Can be Rated The Same

The hypnotherapy is not a practise that is regulated by the government. Some may have had less than weekend’s training. The others may be from formal and well acknowledged training schools.

Once you have zeroed in on the right hypnotherapist for you, it is time for you to relax and have fun. Hypnotherapy will open the sides of you that were unknown. It might help you where no other therapy or techniques could help you.

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