Friday , 22 March 2019
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Food vs Supplements: Which is More Effective

With the new year fastly approaching, many of us will set new years resolutions, myself included, to become healthier and fitter. Whether we stick to our resolutions is a different matter! As I seem to be setting myself the same targets each year, I wonder this new year how long it will actually last. I do often ask myself if supplements really help us to recover after a workout quicker than food? With all the conflicting advice we are given, does anyone really know the answer?



Many people feel supplements are the answer. With it becoming easier to buy bodybuilding supplements online, visiting certain websites can sway you to take the plunge and try it. With ripping six pack pictures on the homepages, we are led to believe that supplements are the way to achieve our goals. We don’t seem to realise we may reach the same targets without junk food. One thing which a lot of us do know is that these supplements are much easier and quicker to take with us to our point of a workout, meaning we are able to consume them as soon as we are finished. How quick we can replenish our body after a workout is meant to be an important part of muscle building, and for me supplements win that hands down.


Food is definitely the most natural way to feed our body, but its not necessarily the most convenient in everyday whilst we are rushing around. This may just be one of the consisting factors as to why the supplement market seems to have taken over. Some people believe there’s no better way to fuel the body than through food itself. They believe that eating the right food at the right times and after workouts play a key role in muscle replenishment. As touched on just though, with everyday stresses, preparing the right foods can be a task you would rather not be troubled with. For me, there’s no better way to feed muscles than with natural food, but the convenience of this would turn me to buy bodybuilding supplements online, or at bodybuilding shops. Maybe for the people who do have the time to prepare their meals in advance, the natural source is the best way for them to reach their health and fitness targets.

Buying bodybuilding supplements online, or at your local health store has become more widely available over the past 10-15 years. Many bodybuilders and athletes are seen using these products but is this just a ploy like any franchise to sell more, or do they really work? Everybody who uses these will not all share the same opinion, and that is why no one can prove if there’s a right or wrong way to reach your fitness and health targets. Convenience for me plays a huge factor in which way you choose to replenish and build muscles. One thing can be proven though, by taking a supplement drink, bar, etc, with a poor diet will certainly not turn your flab into a ripping six pack, which can be a mistake we all slip up on each year.

Whichever path you decide to go down in order to meet your targets, I wish you every success. Good luck!

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