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Are Psychics Good For Your Health?

If you’ve never heard of remote viewing, let me explain it to you. Basically, many people who consider themselves to have psychic powers, claim to have the ability to see things with their mind. This could apply to missing people, documents, or even the inside of someone’s body. So, typically, remote viewers are tasked with giving information about a person or object this is hidden from physical view. Unlike those who offer clairvoyant readings, remote viewers don’t generally deal with tarot cards or crystal balls.

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Today, the U.S military utilises this technique relatively frequently to locate top secret missile sites and other enemy targets. We know they’ve been doing this for a considerable amount of time because, during the 1990’s, many documents made it into the public domain about something called the Stargate Project that took place from 1975 until 1995. This was a $20,000,000 research program sponsored by Gerald Ford’s Government to determine whether there was indeed a military application for this kind of psychic phenomena.

The sheer length of time involved should give you some idea of how seriously the U.S takes remote viewing, and the fact that the project was shut down whilst the military continued to use remote viewers, should tell you a little bit about their findings. The UK Government also launched a remote viewing research program in 2001, but they findings are as yet unknown.

So how can this technique be used to help with your health? Well, imagine if doctors and surgeons didn’t need to cut you open to find out about whatever condition you’re suffering from. What if it were possible for them to know the extent of a disease or affliction using only the power of a gifted persons mind? Get the picture?


In 2009, the National Health Service in England and Wales launched a study to find out if this were possible, and how reliable remote viewers really are. Although their findings weren’t released to the public, since that time literally thousands of UK based remote viewers have been called upon to help with health related issues, suggesting that perhaps the NHS researchers achieved positive results.

This all came about because of a Twitter campaign that launched in the same year. 7000 social media volunteers were recruited for the experiment run by Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire. The esteemed remote viewing enthusiast travelled to a secret location in the UK and sent a tweet; then the volunteers were asked to pinpoint his exact location. Unfortunately, in this instance only 15% of the people involved managed to name his location correctly, against a 20% chance of probability, so the test was deemed a failure, although many onlookers felt that using a social media service for such a task wasn’t a very good idea to begin with.

Whatever your opinions are of remote viewing, with the way things are going at the moment, you could well receive greetings from people who claim the talent the next time you go to the hospital for something serious.

If that happens, do make sure you let us know how it went!

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