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How To Tell If A Pharmaceutical Site Is Safe To Use

More and more people are making use of online pharmacies to buy medication; this can range from smoking aids through to hair loss remedies, as well as many other treatments. However, and while online pharmacies can offer a convenient way to get over the counter drugs and prescriptions, there are some risks attached to doing so in terms of reliability and choosing the right sites to use. How, then, do you trust whether an online pharmacy is safe to use?


Some Vital Point you Should Keep in Mind Are as Follow

  • Before using a site, you should decide whether or not you can use a site without first having a GP appointment. For minor ailments you can probably get away with researching and ordering non-prescription drugs online, but for more serious conditions, it’s best to consider a GP appointment and a prescription that you can then redeem online. Getting a prescription is particularly recommended if you’re concerned about long term use and any side effects from using medications.
  • When using online pharmacies, make sure that a site is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council before making any purchases. Spotting counterfeit and illegal pharmacy websites should be fairly straightforward: any company that makes promises that seem too good to be true, that advertises deep discounts on products, and that does not provide comprehensive or clear information on their site should be disregarded.
  • Registered pharmaceutical sites will typically be affiliated with a pharmacist, and will offer comprehensive advice on what medications you’re buying. Websites will also likely be signed up to regulations set by the Care Quality Commission, and will offer contact details for doctors and other medical professionals if you do experience problems. Transparently stated terms and conditions on a pharmaceutical site are also important to watch out for.

Online pharmacies such as PC Pharma are particularly worth checking out, in this respect, for their comprehensive commitment to advertising their products in as clear a way as possible.


In terms of checking whether or not a pharmaceutical site is fully compliant, you’ll need to see what address and affiliations they give, as well as whether they have full contact details in the case of something going wrong.

The quality of service provided by pharmacies is generally covered by the Care Standards Act of 2000, while organisational ties can be found to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

Again, look out for unregulated sites that contain multiple warning signs; websites that don’t have refund policies or addresses to complain to, or that advertise in different languages might not always be a problem, but should be carefully checked over before making any transaction. Look online to see whether an online pharmacy has been mentioned anywhere else, and if in doubt about medication, get advice from your local GP or another pharmacist as to whether you’re making the right decision.

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