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Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss: An Extensive Advice

Colon cleansing has become an increasingly popular method of weight loss over the years. People are becoming increasingly aware of the toxins that we are exposed to everyday as we ingest a variety of foods and drinks. As such, there is a number of lifestyle changes that we can make to improve our colon health, leading to weight loss and a happier life. This can be achieved by lessening our exposure to toxins form foods and drinks that we take in. A typical American diet consists of plenty of refined and processed foods that contain preservatives and additives. We eat junk foods that have high sugar and fat content and harvested foods that contain chemicals such as pesticides. All these, coupled with meats processed with hormones and antibiotics leads to an unhealthy, dirty colon.


While the colon can detoxify and cleanse itself, the conditions mentioned above make it necessary to push the along using natural or medical means. Some colon cleansing methods involve liquids only. One of these methods, fasting, involves only using water to cleanse the body. During this period, you do not take in foods or any other liquids. Some people have reported fasting this way for up to fourteen days and the results have been impressive. The best thing about this method is that in addition to being simple and affordable, it also helps you shed off excess weight. However, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of a nutritional expert before proceeding with this colon cleansing method. Some centers will give you support for your water fasting by monitoring your basic body functions to ensure everything is alright.

Master Cleanse Method (Liquid Method)


Another liquid-only method of cleaning your colon is the Master Cleanse, which involves the use of water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, grape-B maple syrup and cayenne. It is important that you use genuine maple syrup and pure ocean salt to flush the colon and stimulate bowel movement. You can use herbal laxatives to help facilitate bowel movements. After undergoing this colon cleansing, you should let your body gradually take in foods, so do not be quick to have steak for dinner. As a rule, you should research well on the method and seek professional guidance to ensure that maximum effectiveness. Other liquid-only methods include juice fasting and herbal formulas.

Holistic Colon Cleanse Programs


Alternatively, you can opt for more holistic colon-cleanse programs for weight loss that involve formulas containing probiotics and anti-parasite products. These colon cleansing methods assist in the growth of good bacteria and expulsion of parasites, worms, viruses and harmful bacteria from the colon. These include products sold in the form of tablets, capsules, powder and tea. Between capsules and tablets, capsules are preferable because they dissolve easily and get absorbed faster than tablets.

Colon-cleanse methods for weight loss lead to a healthy and clean colon, which in turn ensures good overall health. Different methods have varied effectiveness depending on how your body reacts. Therefore, you should do some research and consult a nutrition or healthcare expert before proceeding with any method.

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