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Avoid Divorce – What Every Man Should Know About Snoring

There was a time, not too long ago, when snoring was taken rather lightly. For instance, the sitcoms of the 70s depicted men who snored but always managed to wake up feeling well-rested, while their wives were exhausted and saggy-eyed after having to dealing with their irritating loud snores. People took it for an irritating but rather harmless habit.

Today, snoring has become a serious subject, as it has been realized that it can cause physical and mental problems. Research has shown that snoring can cause grave consequences to the health and happiness of the snorer and his bed partner. It has even been known to be the reason for a number of divorces.

What Makes You Snore?


There is one essential reason why everyone snores. During sleep, the body muscles relax. This means that the nasal airways also relax. With snorers, this relaxation of the upper airways is so extreme that they collapse and breathing causes the vibration of the soft tissues in the throat. The vibration causes different pitches and volumes of sound waves, which is why some people snore mildly while others snore loudly.

You may be a snorer because you have a soft palate that is longer or larger than usual. In such a situation, the much you can do to reduce or stop snoring is limited. However, when the causes are your lifestyle, this should be a call for you to change or else have to deal with an unhappy wife for the rest of your life.

You could be snoring because you are over-weight, stressed, exhausted or drink too much alcohol. If the reason is different, say nasal congestion, you can worsen the snoring through smoking, exercising little or sleeping on your back. This applies for both the occasional and regular snorer.

These factors do not just affect men, but women as well. However, you will find it interesting that research has shown women do not snore as frequently as men and they do it more quietly. Women who snore comprise only about a third of the total men who snore.

Snoring is Dangerous as it Deprives You Sleep


Many times, you forget that sleep is an important part of your health. Without sleep, your body can malfunction and you lose appetite, become moody or even ail. It is just too bad that there are those who value sleep but their snoring problem makes it impossible for them and their bed partners to give their bodies the much needed rest.

Snoring is more than just keeping you awake at night. Sometimes it comes as a result of obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep disorder. The air passage becomes blocked and breathing can stop for up to one minute. Your body’s natural response to this is disruption of sleep in order to open the air passage. As you fall back to sleep and your muscles relax again, breathing stops and it becomes a cycle.

Your sleep is stolen and you get dark rings under your eyes as concentration becomes an uphill task. Your body becomes overwhelmed by a sense of tiredness and performance at the workplace is negatively impacted.

Effects of Snoring on Your Health


Sleeplessness is just the beginning of the problems snoring can bring to your life if left unchecked. A more serious consequence of snoring for a long time is obstructive sleep apnoea. This can cause you to feel excessive sleepiness during daytime and suffer headaches, irritability, anxiety and even loss of libido.

Other serious health consequences are heart disease, hyperextension, diabetes and high cholesterol. Your wife may also suffer sleep deprivation, especially if you snore like a lawnmower or vacuum cleaner.

Without libido and with a wife who never gets to sleep, then do not be surprised when your relationship becomes strained. Arguments become more frequent and you both become tetchy during mornings because of sleep deprivation and evenings because of the anticipation of a repeated bad night. You should tackle the snoring problem at the source before you get served with divorce papers.

Tackling Snoring at the Source


You start by identifying your type of snoring. Snoring is not curable but it can be controlled. The key to reducing it lies with the realization of what causes you to snore. It then becomes easy to administer a solution.

With obstructive sleep apnea, you can be medically treated using the CPAP machine. This is equipment with a facemask that you wear over your mouth and nose as you sleep. Air pressure is delivered constantly through the facemask, to keep the air passages open. However, this is not exactly a comfortable outfit to wear to bed. There are nasal dilators and oral appliances that look like mouth guards. Check your lifestyle too, and stop heavy drinking and smoking.

The Yin Yang Anti Snore Ring uses acupressure to help you stop snoring.

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