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Few Easy Steps To Control Your Excessive Hair Fall

Few people are aware of the fact that there are hundred of different ways to prevent hair loss. They range from the obvious – things like taking care of your hair with mild shampoos and products, to the completely unexpected, such as rubbing your locks with onion juice or coriander. Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way to tackle conditions like alopecia or male pattern baldness, but utilising some handy tips and tricks can be enough to halt the natural thinning of your hair and scalp.

If you’re concerned about the thickness of your hair or are convinced that your hair is falling out – there are a few things that you can try. Here are 6 ways in which you can prevent premature hair loss. Use this advice wisely and don’t expect it to be an alternative for extreme hair loss or balding. If your hair loss has reached severe proportions, you might want to think about seeking a medical treatment or for a temporary remedy you can consider using wigs and hair extensions.

Wash & Treat Hair with Natural Products


Does it not make sense that the more naturally sourced a product is, the better it will be for your hair? It’s true. If you want to keep your locks healthy and halt the aging process in its tracks, stick with shampoos, conditioners and styling products that contain lots of natural ingredients. Use products like Alpecin Active caffeine shampoo – its natural ingredients have been proven to promote rapid hair growth. Avoid over washing hair as this can strip it of healthy oils and don’t rub hair dry once you’ve stepped out of the shower – pat it dry, says

Keep Styling to a Minimum


It is almost impossible to keep hair healthy if you’re constantly dyeing it or styling it using heat based products. These things aren’t forbidden but they should be kept to an absolute minimum if possible, because they do actively kill hair follicles. Never colour your hair more than once every two months and don’t use a full dye job if you’re only trying to cover the roots. Where possible, dry your hair naturally rather than with a blow-dryer or curling tong.

Reduce your Stress Levels


High stress levels can play havoc on your hair – in some extreme cases stress can lead to hair loss conditions like alopecia. If you want to look after your hair, you’ve got to look after yourself. Whilst stress won’t directly cause severe hair loss, when combined with other bodily factors it can result in some very unappealing follicular results. Don’t be alarmed – a huge amount of stress over a prolonged period is needed to get to this point, says Dr Joseph Saling.

Use Onion Juice


According to journalist Sharib Azmi, onion juice has been proven to give positive results when it comes to hair loss problems. In fact, onion juice is commonly used in the medicinal tonics handed out to hair loss patients. It works by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and root hair follicles. All you have to do to take advantage of this rather marvelous trick is blend one large onion. Extract the pulp with a filter and then apply to the scalp for one hour. The onion juice extracted can be combined with rose water if the smell is too pungent for you.

Consider Supplements


There’s no shame in taking extra supplements to aid hair growth, however, it is a good idea to talk this over with your GP first. Not only will he or she be able to confirm that what you’re planning to take is safe, they’ll also be to advise you on whether or not the supplement you’re taking is usually effective. Supplements like biotin, inositol, iron and vitamin C can all be used to promote healthy hair growth.

Eat Well


There really is no substitute for a good diet – any hair loss expert will tell you that. Protein is the really important mineral and you should try to amp up your protein intake if you’re concerned about hair loss or a thinning scalp. Protein rich foods like seafood, poultry, milk, cheese, yoghurt and soy are all great ways to keep your hair and your body super healthy. Remember – if you feel good, it’s because your body is healthy and happy.

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