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Get Ready to Get Pregnant. Five Tips Future Mothers Should Consider

In almost any couple’s life the wish having a child comes naturally and represents not only one of the most important decisions of their lives, but a true moment of happiness. Becoming parents is something so big, so marvelous, that many couples engage in a serious process of preparation, especially when they want to do everything by the book, follow doctor’s orders and strive to avoid any risk. Not many women plan their pregnancy with a few months before, but for those who do, some steps are necessary to be made.

1. Get Those Analysis Done


After the regular pre-conception visit to your doctor, you will receive a set of medical analysis to undertake. This set may vary from a woman to another, but it is really important to have them, so you will be in full awareness of your health state. They will also help your doctor prescribe the best plan for you to stay healthy in order to have a safe pregnancy.

2. Create A Smoke-Free Environment


Specialists recommend smoking women to quit at least three months before getting pregnant. But is that going to completely eliminate smoke from the household? Often enough, this isn’t the case.In order to completely eliminate smoke from the environment into which the child is going to be born, the blu electronic cigarette can replace cigarette smoke with vapors. Using the e-cig is allowed even in public places such as airports and public transportation.

3. Fix Your Teeth Problems


Being pregnant means having your system’s resources consumed by the baby. During pregnancy it’s not recommended to be subjected to X-Rays, anesthesia, antibiotics and such, so if you have some teeth repairs you know you need, now it’s the time to get the problems solved.

4. Eat Healthy


Any woman knows that a healthy diet is important not only to them, but to their babies also. Some opinions vary and there aren’t two women who will get the exact dietary plan, but specialists agree at least on two aspects: sports and a vitamin and mineral rich diet help women to have a healthy pregnancy and losing a few pounds before conception is a wise thing to do. This doesn’t mean starvation or following some draconic diet, but pregnancy risks (such as premature birth) register a higher incidence in women with a weight problem (The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology has a very interesting article about this subject). Also, being too skinny is equally dangerous for pregnancy, so consult your doctor and maybe your nutritionist in order to have the best personalized dietary plan, based on your medical analysis and your personal dietary habits.

5. Take Folic Acid


Some doctors recommend it the administration of folic acid three months before conception and the first three months of pregnancy. This is a dietary supplement and it is said to prevent defects apparitions in uterus. According to your doctors orders, you can have it in form of a medicine or go with the natural intake, by eating cabbage, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, green peas, oranges, nuts and fish.

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